Game crashing making me lose my arena run

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im usually doing and arena once every 2-3 day when i got the gold to do one, ive just lost my 6-2 Paladin arena run due to it crashing, it seemed like my opponent was just taking a long time to make up his mind, i just saw his cursor keep pointing to my face, and i quickly closed down the game and reopened, only to see myself getting killed when i "reconnected" this is so frustrating, if i could get back my paldin deck at 6-2 score it would be fine so i could retry it.
if not then compensate with say 2 packs. Fix your games blizzard
Howdy Skillionaire!

Crashing is never fun and when an Arena game is on the line it can be even more frustrating! We have to remember each turn has a time limit, if a player chooses to use all of that time they are allowed too. That doesn't appear to be a factor though on why the client crashed on you.

I do not see any occurrence errors being sent to us from your client. That can give us a sign a third party conflict may of caused the issue here. We often see Overlays or third party streaming software cause issues like this. We cover troubleshooting this in step 2 on our Hearthstone Lockup and crashing errors article Here.

Thank you!

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