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Hi, sorry for the lack of information but i'll try to explosion it, i was at rank 16 and when my opponent played his first carf i presser it by an ond habit but then the game crashed as usuall and when i tried to reconnect it only Said that i lost since it counted as a disconnect and Therefor i lost a Star everytime this happened. So everytime i tried to play i only lost a ranked star due to the "disconnect"
phone: Iphone6+
Update: 10.1.1
Same issue on my end. iPhone 6 iOS 10.2.1.
I attempted the uninstall reinstall, but the same disconnect issue remains. I play more on my phone than on my pc, and have gotten used to tapping on the card played on my opponent's turn. Prior to the update, it would not matter if I had my hand open or not. It is frustrating! Please fix blizzard.
I wanna add that it is happening on iPhone 7 also.

(Fully updated)
Eu server
Yesterday i lose rank from 15(3star) to 17 (1star)But after 1 match.I lose one game and it's drope me so much?I think is no good,becauese from this patch i cant lose rank 15?
Pleeeease fix this sooon. I figured out what it was but then still did it 3 turns in a row! lol game crash each time.

I even do it on Youtube often when I'm watching a game and I reflexively try to click away the opponent card lol I can not play this game without doing that.
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