iOS App Keeps Crashing After 2/28/17 Update

Bug Report

I play primarily on my iPhone 6s. My iOS software is up to date (version 10.2.1).

The game is crashing now during ranked play matches. The only pattern I can see is that the game crashes when my opponent plays a card or uses their hero ability and I touch the card as it appears on the screen to end the animation.

I have tried closing all applications on my phone and doing a hard reset and when that didn't work, uninstalling Hearthstone altogether, reinstalling it, then once again closing all applications and doing a hard reset.

I am always able to rejoin my game after the app crashes and the simple solution seems to be to not touch the card when it appears on the screen to cancel the animation but at this point, I've played the game for so long I do that out of habit and without thinking.

If there is something else I can do to try and resolve this, I'm all ears. If the solution is ultimately to stop touching the screen until the next update, well I'll have to try and sit on my hands between turns.

Thanks in advance for your help.

I've also experienced this issue on my iPhone 6s (10.2.1). Same thing for me, crashes when I click on their card. Plz help!
Same here. It crashes when i tap on the card my opponent just played. Pls fix asap
Same here. iPhone 6S, app keeps crashing. Redownloaded HS but nothing worked.

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