Vicious Fledgling needs to be removed

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opponent plays it, I don't have an answer, so I play a minion.

They attack my face


attack again


Next turn I draw an answer, that I can't use on a stealthed minion, play another one.

They attack again

+ 3 attack

attack again


R I D I C U L O U S.

This card has made me not want to play arena t all just for fear of my opponent getting it. Several of these adapt cards need to be looked at for arena purposes because right now they are quite strong.
100% agree this 3 drop card is the most o_O card in arena. I've lost to it many times simply because I have no instant removal since I didn't draw it yet and the enemy plays it behind a taunt. I play a taunt they remove it and continue getting a million adapts.

This card should be changed to get 1 adapt only and never any more.
Had mine live for 4 turns.

Can't be targeted
Divine shield
Opponent conceded.
It's not that serious. There's so many good taunts right now that I think taunt will define this season for arena play.
This is the first time I am writing a request to ban a card in hearthstone. As i' ve played over 150 arena matches after the new expansion (yes been playing non stop), one thing I am certain of, is that the vicious fledgling needs to be removed from the arena. Nearly every time that I've played the minion in early game and it has not been removed instantly, I've won the game and visa versa. The fact is that the card is very cheap , entering in turn 2/3 where there are not many removals dealing 3 dmg and in arena, where the draws and decks are situational. Thus, once it starts attacking it protects itself which makes it pretty much impossible to remove. It would be ok if it cost 5 mana but it is way too powerful as it is. It is simply illogical to have a 3 mana cost minion singlehandedly define a supposedly more control oriented game. I would go as far as analyzing the insane plays I've done/seen with this card so far but I think that the case here is so self proved that I do not need to do so to prove that the card is absolutely unbalanced for arena.
I was surprised the first time I saw that played. I thought it would just adapt the first time it attacks hero. It is just another minion that demands answer, but either removal or taunt, similar to whirling zip o matic and several other minions.
Felt salty losing to it. Felt dirty winning with it.

Don't mind banning this card in arena
Just nerf it to a 2/2 or something. I don't like the card, but I also don't like card bans in any form.
It's mediocre in constructed but awesome in Arena - which is why it will stay as it is.

If you don't get that early removal? Yes it can balloon up to be a game ender, but the fact it's RNG (first turn windfury being the most amazing outcome) it will stay.

Although if they removed windfury adapt outcomes on 3 drop and below - the card would be much more balanced. The double adapt open certainly can be game-breaking.
So I log on to you know push from rank 15 to 10, First game paladin, I like ok, if its buffadin I just need removal for turn 5, just have to have to make sure I don't play into True silver on 4, keep his board in check and I should be fine. I kid you not turn 3 vicious fledgling mind you all the card in my had at this point are 5 cost+ as a quest mage. The very next turn, blessing of king into windfury into liquid membrane (good call) into divine shield and piosonous and just like that I lost before I can even make it to turn 5. I have evidence right now of this, it just ridiculous in that moment, I felt like Reynad.

Yes, I roped him every turn, as this player deserved. I needed sap by turn 4 and even if I had assassinate on turn 5 it was stealth.

Keep down voting this replay of why it needs to be removed Haha
Only way to realistically nerf it is to make it Adapt when it attacks minions, then it'll be next to useless and we'll never see it again.
^... or that it can only adapt once
Card is fine but they should give it the Abysal and Flame Strike Treatment and massively nerf the offering rate.
I am losing to an opponent who's Vicious Fledgling survived for 6 turns right at this current moment. The card is ridiculously op so i decided to check if anyone is complaining about it on the forum, first thing i see is this thread at the top of the list.

Now I still have to go back to the game and press concede because of this bull!@#$ unbalanced card.
One change that could be made, is to only allow it to adapt once per turn despite attacking twice with windfury. This allows for the opponent to deal with with it before it gets too out of control.
ah it's great i coined it on turn 3 and won my 11th game in arena cuz of it thanks boiz easy 30 GOLD lol value cheers please don't change it scrubs need ways to win and get lucky
I agree - this card is a one card game winner WAY too easily!
this card is just !@#$ed, Not playing this bull%^-* anymore.

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