Any new f2p players here since Ungoro?

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How're you doing? What do you guys think about f2p side of the game? Will you stay f2p?
I've been free to play since gvg. Been pretty casual mainly only doing quests for a while now. I had enough gold to buy around 20 packs. The legendary I got was tyrantus the druid 12/12. The rotation pushed me out of standard and I can now only play wild or pirate warrior. Will I stay free to play? Yes, I don't enjoy it enough to waste my money on it anymore. If the f2p situation gets any worse though I will probably stop all together.
There are no new players on this forum. Everyone here is a legendary regular.
Free to play is supposed to be a way to test the game. But blizzard has employees, they are working, and they earn money, and buying game is just a normal thing like buying your food or clothes. If the f2p experience isn't good, then you buy, and it's not more of a waste than buying the last Call of Duty game for 70 bucks
Yeah, situation is similar only if you payed 70 bucks and only got a pistol in Call of Duty.
Like f2p players that started yesterday are now on these forums and exactly know where they will be in 3 years.
Actually, I think the new expansion really helped my as a free to play player. Right now I can beat any meta deck, the gap is not that big as people tend to think. The only problem is that I don't have many playable standard decks. Maybe I'll invest money in the game if I really feel like I have too in order to have a good deck, but right now I'm not going to do so.
I'm 4 months in this game and for now cheap Midrange Hunter is doing a decent job against almost all quest decks while I'm sitting on almost 5k dust thanks to golden Ragnaros refund thing.

Thanks to Hall of Fame dust I will manage this expansion. In a month or so I will have to start saving gold for the next expansion.
04/11/2017 03:09 AMPosted by Zack
If the f2p experience isn't good, then you buy


If the f2p experience isn't good, I stop playing.

If the f2p experience is good, then I buy.
I bought $50 to get back into the game, wasn't excited by the cards, decided to go f2p unless I really want a lot of cards in the expac, sorta my fault for not doing research on the cards before though.
iam f2p since beta and will stay that way forever.
Decided to shell out 50 for the preorder, assuming that doing so would allow me to play one or two competitive quest decks after some selecting dusting and crafting.

As it stands, the one and only quest deck I was super excited to try out, I cant afford. I have about 4200 dust after HoF refunds and dupes from launch day, and yet even though I opened 58 Un'Goro packs I cant even afford to craft a fully built taunt warrior deck because of how much im missing and because of how much it costs to craft what I need.

Needless to say I wont be dropping anymore money on the game going forward, and I truly feel bad for the real F2P people out there, because you must be in a real dire situation about what you can play competitively.
F2p, completely satisfied with the f2p experience. Will remain f2p in part because of peple who whine about the f2p experience - I kind of like telling them how laughably wrong they are.
I started January the only money spent was the starter pack and the old adventures.

Finished rank 6, rank 4, and rank 3 the past 3 months.

I have no Ungoro legendaries but I haven't opened 20 packs yet.

Hoping to hit legendary playing mid range hunter, or perhaps a slightly budget version of elemental Shaman.

FTP isn't that bad you just need to commit to dusting all the cards you don't need and building the most competitive cheap deck. It also helps if you can average 4+ wins in arena.
I am a F2P player. I started right before the Cthung handout happened luckily.

I have ran into a few quest rouges and warriors. Both beat me but I continued playing and managed to hold my own for a period of time (turn 6-11).

I managed to beat a quest mage and paladin very easily. And only played one quest priest, luckily I had that legendary dragon 9 cost card that set a players remaining health to 15 and ended up beating them.

I played a quest shaman, would've beat him beat he Hexed my Cthung with him having 5 health remaining and summoned a handful of charge murlocs.

Overall not owning a quest card sucks, but it's manageable. It all starts with the luck of the draw.
A friend of mine is new and f2p, he started playing around feb. We made a midrange Hunter list today and he got ti rank 15 (on a streak). Same with another friend wich started around jan, but we went for a zoolock list...

I have to say that they were both Pretty frustrated before playing some games togheter (both didn't manager a single win since saturday). The main issue is that when you start you lack both card and experience, so sometimes the game Can feel extremely hard...
04/11/2017 09:33 AMPosted by OperatoreEco
The main issue is that when you start you lack both card and experience, so sometimes the game Can feel extremely hard...

This is exactly right.

It takes time to learn to play this game and for new players this is a much bigger factor and playing a deck with a few missing cards.

If you are playing a fast deck (and you should be if you are FTP) it doesn't matter that much if you are missing a few high end cards. The game will probably be over by turn 8 which means you will probably only play about 10 of your 30 cards.

If you have something that even resembles a net deck and you are still losing as much as some claim to be, you probably need more practice.

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