What beats taunt warrior

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Quest priest is very good, especially if you bait out his brawls before using N'zoth.
Exodia mage also works well since you have a lot of time to set up your combo
Elemental control Shaman, easy.
Exodia mage. Had quest, lethal, 2 bigass taunt minions, and 30 health plus 6 armor. Turn 10. Got exodia'd XD

Any half Warrior decent will play Dirty Rats to ruin your sole win condition.

Not a reliable counter.
it is not a counter, but like 50/50 or even 40/60 in warriors favor: you are too dependent on Hexes and Devolves - if you dont draw them you are likely to lose.

This is exactly how I feel about this match up.

A good taunt discovery from Stonehill defender can easily tilt the game in favour of quest warrior.

Sadly enough, good decks at the moment against quest taunt warrior are quest rogue, quest mage and pirate warrior.
04/11/2017 01:22 AMPosted by LiptonTea

Sadly enough, good decks at the moment against quest taunt warrior are quest rogue, quest mage and pirate warrior.

Quest Mages and Rogues are problematic, but pirate warrior, more like I suffocated them under the Great Wall of Taunt. Always feel great to see them using the "threaten" emote, since every turn I place taunt after taunt after taunt. These taunts are not getting weaker.
Quest priest is REALLY good vs taunt warrior.
04/11/2017 02:06 AMPosted by SuperCommand
Quest priest is REALLY good vs taunt warrior.

Quest Taunt Priest does fit the bill, though it can stink if Amara gets hit by the dirty rat. :P
I have been experimenting with Silver recruit Buff paladin and Taunt warrior is my favorite matchup ^^ . Every time he/she casts the taunt - quest hero power and it lands on either a 1/1 minion or a minion having divine shield i smirk :) . I flood the board with many 1/1 minions , buff them using Steward of Darkshire , Sword of Justice /Rallying blade , silvermoon portal , dinosize ...etc etc . Sunkeeper tarim can be used on some cases for either minion buffing or easy removal of the opposing big health taunts .
04/11/2017 12:09 AMPosted by Scale
I was trying out a hunter deck, it was hilarious when they Dirty Rat'd my Highmane

It wasn't hilarious at all! It sucked! zomg I am already so triggered by Highmane.

(I don't remember your name. I am not sure that it was you I played, but dirty-rat managed to find my opponents highmane t2. Needless to say, the outcome was fairly predictable from there)
Uhh how does hunter beat taunt warrior exactly? Because they dont have hard removal and hunter's minions are usually weak except for hyena which in case grows out of control will be removed by Excecute or whatever. I imagine hunter struggle vs taunt warrior like miracle rogue does.

And to the one who said pirate warrior, really? Well I guess if the PW opened godly he can win but other than that I dont see PW breaking through the wall of taunts easily...

Quest rogue should have a very favorable matchup against it.
Priest is the best counter, Pirate Warrior or just a better Taunt Warrior can work too.
Exodia mage counters it. Warrior is too slow and by the time they hero power with sulfuras, you already won
04/10/2017 10:54 PMPosted by Valhalla
Seriously its getting so cancerous...seeing it everygame at rank 6

I've never lost to taunt warrior yet with my infinite fireball mage.
midrange hunter is all ive been playing and taunt warrior has not been a major issue for me.
Quest Druid.. I don't think I've lost vs a warrior with it.

Menagerie Warden really is the MVP as It's a Dual trigger, and with the 5mana adapt 5/4 along with Stranglethorn tiger Curving out into the warden seems really reliable.. getting the quest done around turns 6-8 consistently.

And the warden is a pretty sweet lategamedraw too, making a copy of a fat beast.

Just don't overextend into brawl (as per usual against any control warrior) You don't need to play your entire hand just because you can.
04/10/2017 11:04 PMPosted by Hakoon
Learn to counter it? All decks have counter decks. Just be smart.

Experience shows through hundreds of forum threads that matchmaking tries to adapt at you. If you make a counter for one deck you will not likely see that deck any more.
Priest beats it.
I ran into one as Jade Druid the other day and had no problem outvaluing the Warrior.

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