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Bug Report
When I get the banana's brawl, both me and my opponent get 2 bananas each from any minion death(not just the ones with the actual deathrattle). So if my opponent has Randomonium, he gets discounted cards AND my bananas, while i just get a deck of regular costed cards.

Also had a match-up where both me and oppnent had Banana decks, and we got 4 Banana's every minion death.
Yep, looks like it generates one banana per minion on the board, for both players.
Horribly broken synergy with Rogue; they get to spam 1-mana minions each turn.
The Warrior's minions have the deathrattle showing, but it's not acting like one. The other player's minions do not have the deathrattle but it activates like it's there anyway.
Just had a similar error on this same brawl. while playing as warrior, after playing Genzo the Shark, all of my minions caused me to gain three bananas, genzo's lightning bolt flashed, as though it triggered his "draw three when attacking" mechanic, clearly some sort of crossed wires with genzo and the "get bananas" deathrattle.

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