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Just noticed that there was a Overwatch Card back to Hearthstone, and wanted to know if it's still possiblle to get as I didn't get it prior to purchase. (Overwatch purchased 5/24/16)

The card back is still available! The Overwatch card back comes with the Game of the Year edition of Overwatch. You can upgrade your copy of Overwatch to the Game of the Year edition from the Blizzard Shop.
İ have overwatch but standart edition
So i cant get yes ?
Hello Guys. Sry for my english skill im from HUN.. so yesterday il go buy overwatch. And then i add my blizz account but i cant get the overwatch cardback for hs
You need to have purchased Overwatch Origins Edition or Game of the Year Edition. The Standard Edition of Overwatch will not award you the cardback.
Ohhhhh..... wtf is this blizzz..... omg.D okay thanks
Hi! So I have this question my blizzard email is the as my ps4 email account so... once I purchase the game should I be able to reedem the goodies and have the card back on my heartstone account? Or how does it works? Lol sorry for the question.
Select your purchase version from this article: https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/73351

Otherwise for further assistance, Contact Support (button link) through the Support link at the top of this webpage.

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