Cavalcade of Brawls: Warrior Banana Brawl Bug

Bug Report
In the 100th Brawl ("Cavalcade of Brawls") that debuted today, there's an issue when playing Warrior, with its "Banana Brawl" deck.

It seems that the Banana Brawl rules (whenever one of your minions dies, you get a Banana) are being applied to both players' decks and not only the Warrior, even though the other player is not a Warrior and should be playing under that class' Brawl rules.

I played as a Warrior against a Rogue. Whenever one of my minions died, I got a Banana, as was supposed to happen. But whenever one of the Rogue's minions died, the Rogue also got a Banana.

I know that in the original Banana Brawl in 2015, both players received Bananas when minions died, but my understanding is that in this week's Brawl, the rules of the original Brawl are only supposed to apply to the class with which that original Brawl is associated. In this case, the Rogue had all the benefits of the Rogue Brawl deck/rules ("Valeera's Bag of Burgled Spells") as well as the benefits of the Warrior Brawl deck/rules.
I can verify that it is indeed happening. This bug occurred to me too under the same circumstances.
Not only this, but both myself and my mage opponent are gaining multiple bananas after some minion deaths
I got the same problem. I don't know if it helps, but I took lots of prints:, opponent with 4 cards in hand, now 6 cards, considering the 1 card draw from the turn start.

And this:
And after Revenge:

Random bananas being played:
I posted my own thread on this without searching (whoops) because I was pretty mad when I played warrior due to having warrior quests, and my first game was against a rogue.
He play a spell, gets a free minion, the minion dies, gets a free spell (that will get a free minion, that will get a free spell, that will......). Infinite value from a single card!
Worse still, the first spell he played against me was maelstrom portal, so he kind of got double infinite value!
Same here
Yep, ruined the game smh

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