Your Month in Hearthstone

Everyone, get in here!

We’re thrilled to announce a new and exciting way for you to celebrate your accomplishments in Hearthstone each month. We’ve been hard at work on Your Month in Hearthstone: a new monthly email that shares personal player and community stats, highlights epic moments, and gives you a more meaningful breakdown of your gameplay.

These emails recap your personal Hearthstone accomplishments from the previous month and may include some other cool stats from the community. Share your stats on social media using the handy dandy social sharing buttons and check the email for more ways to engage with the community, including attending a Fireside Gathering near you.

This email program is in beta, beginning in North America and rolling out globally in the following months. To be eligible to receive these emails, you must be opted-in to receive Blizzard emails.

To Opt-In to Receive Emails:

1. Login to your account on the site.
2. Navigate to your Communication Preferences under Settings.
3. Make sure the box next to “News and Special Offers from Blizzard” is checked.

We can’t wait to celebrate more of the great things you accomplish each month!

See you at the tavern!

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