3 free Knights packs not appearing in my open packs menu

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The 3 packs that you get from logging in won't appear for me to open.
Same issue here. I have the three packs I got from the arena runs plus my preorder of 50 for a total of 53, but I did not get 3 additional ones (the prompt for the free packs on logging in did appear).

Edit: After relogging, they showed up.
Hey, FieryArbiter!

I am seeing the packs available for you to open. Have you tried restarting your system and relogging into the game to check? The packs will be on the left hand side of the 'Open Packs' menu.


I'm seeing you have a total of 56 packs to open right now. I would recommend the same for you. Restart your system and the client.
Hey Ibaraius,

I don't think I got my three packs either.

I clicked through the 3 pack message so I didn't see it, but I restarted hearthstone (mobile) anyways just to check and still had 53 packs. I opened the rest of my packs and I don't think they ever reappeared.

Could you check if I got them?

Thanks Ibaraius!

You got them, yes.
I restarted everything and I still haven't gotten my three packs :(

I just wanted to be sure.
Hi i have a similar issue here. Right now I have 52 packs of knights of the frozen throne :( I had last night the quest from the frost festival (wasnt able to loggin for a while) and I didnt receive the reward (I think it was 3 packs) and today the same for the 3 gift packs.

Can you please check on it? I would appreciate it :)

Thanks in advanced

And! nevermind, I checked and having 52 packs was correct (missed one quest for sure from the frost festival) After relogg my 3 packs appeared.
Sorry for the confusion.

Please make a ticket at: https://us.battle.net/support/


You received your packs when logging in today.
Same thing here. I've had two packs of KotFT from my arena rewards and when i first logged in, game said i won 3 more packs but there were only the two packs of the arena. I guess i will open a ticket as well

Same recommendation for you. Restart your computer and relaunch the Blizzard app and Hearthstone client.
Well... I tried contacting support for gameplay issues and it sends me back to Forums... Lovely.
08/10/2017 04:23 PMPosted by Ibaraius

Same recommendation for you. Restart your computer and relaunch the Blizzard app and Hearthstone client.

Thank you, for some reason i didnt interprete what i've read here correctly, i thought the restart thing didnt work but as the other person said i just restarted
and received the 3 packs properly. Thx.
Hello Ibaraius,

Could you check that my Americas account received the 3 free packs? I never saw them other than the 3 I already earned.

My Asia account did receive them a few hours late however.

Thank you,

Same issue. Then i restarted hearthstone and i got all my packs. Thank god.
Hi I have not gotten my 3 packs from logging in also. I opened 53 packs and a 12packs from gold? Kindly help me check how is there anything wrong? I was opening it using my iPhone.
Hi there - I'm in the same boat, I didn't get my free 3 packs. I also didn't get 3 packs last week when I completed the arena quest. I've already restarted my computer and client. Can you help me figure out how I can get them?
08/10/2017 04:34 PMPosted by Ibaraius

Please use this contact channel:

This channel is for technical issues with your patch.

I also didn't get my 3 free packs. I received the message that I got 3 free KFT packs, but then, when I checked, I still only had the 3 packs I earned from the quest in previous weeks. I purchased packs using my gold, log off, log in again, purchase some more packs, all in all, I opened 84 packs... 3 from what I earned in previous quest and 81 packs from my 8100 gold. There's no more packs for me to open. Can you help me get my 3 free packs? Thanks.
I also didn't get the 3 additional packs for logging in, I logged out and reset the Blizzard client and they still weren't appearing upon logging in.

This may be due to the fact that I opened 53 packets 50 from Pre-Order and 3 from completing Ahune's arena quests.

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