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After this most recent patch and updating my drivers to the latest and greatest from NVIDIA, all of my card names are now missing or garbled. I used the Geforce Experience app to update my driver.

Obviously the fix in the "Common Problems" thread of Update your Drivers won't work since that is the most probable cause of my problem.

Anyone have any other fixes? I also tried deleting my temp cache for HS but to no avail. Adjusting the video settings fixes the names, but any new ones, like a drawn card, are again garbled.
Hey, Cormag!

Let's do a barebones Nvidia driver installation to see if it helps.

  • Completely uninstall your Nvidia drivers using DDU:

    Instructions for the Display Driver Uninstaller:
  • Reinstall the newest drivers. When you do this *only* select the Graphics Driver and PhysX in the Custom Installation. Uncheck everything else:
  • This fixed it! Thank you so much Ibaraius!
    Welp, I logged on today and the garbled names are back. Is this a common issue now? I've seen a lot more people with the Red concede button also; or is that just a new feature?
    08/10/2017 02:54 PMPosted by Cormag
    card names are now missing or garbled

    This is commonly related to a few programs on the known/suspected incomputable list.

    Most commonly that's Sonic Studio, or MSI products. But check the list overall.

    If you don't see anything I'd recommend posting a dxdiag file.

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