malfurion the pestilent bug

Bug Report
i tried to play him in my phone and i can not choose his choose one and he bounce back to my hand, I have to play him with fandral staghelm to be able to play him at all. please fix this bug because i cant climb ladder with this deck .
Hi, I have the same behaviour but I can't test with fandral staghelm, I don't have it.
It's working on tablet but not on phone (galaxy S8), I just tested.
I also have same problem. I used all my dust to craft him so this really sucks right now. I cannot play him at all on my phone
Same for me, really annoying!
I have the same problem pls fix it
Same problem. It acts like you're about to get the 5 armour but just bounces back into your hand.
Same problem here too, on Galaxy S7
Please post this in the mobile bug forum:
Yeah, This sucks, the same problem :'(
Same on iPhone
Me to, the card return in my hands ...
Same Problem on mobile
I have the same problem with this card on Samsung Galaxy A5. This bug has cost me the game on a ranked game. It also have made my winstreak end in a unfair way. I want compensation for this!
Same issue
Just lost a rank match cuz of this problem >:(
How could this happen with a new dk, pls fix:/
iPhone 6plus
Same problem
Please fix this, He bounces back into my hand. This really frustrated me because I was excited to get this card. I paid for card packs and I get a bugged card.

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