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Hi I have been playing the newest expansion (well what I can of it thank to lord marrowbar) and I wanted to take a break and build a deck with the death knight i got for finishing the prologue and when I went to do so I couldnt find it at all. I searched for only 7+ cards and I couldnt find it. I know I got the reward but I cant seem to find the card at all. Dont know if this is a glitch on the iphone app but it seems like it is gone from my collection
Hey, omenfiend!

The card you got was Thrall, Deathseer. If you are building a deck, it will only show up if you build a Shaman deck.
thank you
Same issue here I opened up my card packs and got thrall I then proceeded to craft Janias death night and played the prologue and never got my paladin death night card... oh and it's almost nearly impossible to beat lord marrowgar without the paladin death night to summon the four horse men so kinda need it
He's tough but I don't see why you feel you need Paladin. I did him without too much issue with Priest.
priest seems like the best option but closet I have gotten is have a 4/4, 5/5, and another 4/4 with life link with him out of cards and then I ran out two turns later. I got him down to 3 health with fatigue before I died of it even with a 6 rounds of it not being a problem with +2 health from hero power and then the 4 from life link
I did it with silences and minions that boosted my minions (at turn end.) So my guys just kept getting bigger and bigger and would smoosh the 'do 15 damage' minions before they triggered or silenced them.

Anyways... not tech support. I'm sure there's tons of this kind of talk elsewhere on the forums if people need help.

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