Did anyone get a free Frozen Throne pack?

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09/01/2017 10:06 PMPosted by Seiya
Got a Meat Wagon + 20 dusts out of it. It was another epic I was missing from the expansion, but another epic I am not sure when I will use it.

I wad unexpectedly pwnt by a warlock who combo'd it with validated doomdayer the other day...
09/01/2017 07:00 PMPosted by Orion
09/01/2017 06:41 PMPosted by OnBoyce

Yep, it was 1 if you chose a team that lost in the semis, and 2 if you chose a team that went to the finals. No more than 2 packs even if your team won the whole thing...

And as usual, I got the minimum XD

Find this hard to believe ...
I picked Ukraine and only got 1 pack, either you re wrong or i just got robbed.

I also picked Ukraine but got nothing in Europe.... A bug?
I love everyone saying they picked Ukraine. Go back to school
You guys need to use random.org to pick your champions. I did both times - RNG gave me Pavel for Blizzcon and the Czech Republic for this.
09/02/2017 08:16 AMPosted by NOC
It totally makes sense, only one team won 2 matches, the remaining three only won 1.

Blizz changed the rule a bit by the looks of it. Just picking something already guaranteeds you a pack, but when they win a round, they get another pack. Looks like Blizz decided to hand out the extra pack to those that picked the winner of that tournament.

Kinda make sense when you pick 1 of the 4 teams instead 1 of the 16 players.

Either way, the difference between picking a team that did not make the final round versus the team that won it all was not much.
09/02/2017 08:28 AMPosted by MindXplosion
I love everyone saying they picked Ukraine. Go back to school

Do you have some kind of problem with people picking Ukraine or something? Not sure what your comment is suppose to mean.
4 Commons, though I did get a second UI from it, which wasn't a total loss, I guess.

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