Top 10 Most OP decks in Hearthstone History

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There are only two OP decks, the one that last beat me and the next one that beats me.
08/23/2017 07:11 PMPosted by traja
The most op deck that wasn't under NDA had to be pre-nerf Rogue. Back when your Hero Power could still buff weapon damage and Van Cleef had stealth... plus some other crazy stuff like that

IIRC druid was the best deck back then.
Where is the charging giants?

Old nasty freeze mage?

Shunshine hunter?

Miracle rogue with bouncing leeroy?

Each of those decks have their own victim fallen for nerf hammer.
Does nobody remember combo druid(midrange) during the secret paladin era? They were neck and neck. if you were at 24 life you were in range of death from hand lol
08/23/2017 01:11 PMPosted by ThinIce
08/23/2017 12:48 PMPosted by Stickupkids
Quest Rogue was not powerful, Kibler got under Ben Brodes desk and begged with his mouth full to nerf it and his fanboys followed. Quest was never a tier 1 deck.

And all the lobomotized monkeys cried in outrage after QR got nerfed. Nobody misses QR.

Sure hope you haven't used your power of hypocrisy then and complained about Druid.
For me #1 is Lich King innadventure "not an aggro" deck that kills Jaina

Next comes Undertaker Hunter.

Then patron warrior.

Seriously, when you think of unstoppability Jade druid and Qrogue nowhere near old Patron
Top 10 most OP decks should all be from Beta and/or pre-Naxx.

Both versions of UtH Hunter was godly.
Early Freeze Mage with MUCH cheaper spells.
Early Tempo Rogue
Miracle Rogue w/ pre-nerf Leeroy and Auctioneer

The individual cards today are stronger. But the decks aren't nearly as powerful. (Or interesting--Blizzard used to like Combo decks).
We need an brawl were we get to pit all the classic op decks against each other somehow
Original Miracle Rogue and Force-roar Druid in the GvG era.
Secret Paladin was slapped hard by Freeze Mage and Patron Warrior performed poorly against Handlock so I don't think they should be considered.
08/23/2017 06:10 PMPosted by Con
People listing pre nerf freeze mage when otk hounds and otk warrior variants in beta were far superior are quite impressive.

Neither was more consistent than Freeze mage in beta. otk hounds didn't even work all the time, while the freeze variant was very reliable. otk warrior was pretty good, it did get a nerf. I should have included all the Warsong Commander variants if I am to be honest.

08/23/2017 07:11 PMPosted by traja
I see people mentioning beta Priest. That deck wasn't actually powerful. It was just overplayed for a while after several Priest cards received buffs. In reality the class was still mediocre at best.

While beta control priest might not have been as flashy as some of the other decks listed from beta era, it was quite possibly the strongest priest has ever been and was also the most consistent deck at the time, with an 8 mana mind control it was very hard for decks that didn't lean heavily on charge mechanics to do much against it. And since the deck didn't burst opponents down, it was easy to play around the giant variants too. It was one of the best decks in the game back then and that's because of how solid and consistent it was. You don't have to be some kind of flashy super combo deck to be considered OP.
Hand or Cube lock????
Cubelock and Raza Priest can definitely be added to this list.
Heh, Cube Warlock and Highlander Priest weren't even particularly dominant in their own formats, let alone comparable to decks like Undertaker Hunter, Karazhan Midrange Shaman and Frozen Throne Jade Druid.

These decks had upwards of 25% ladder representation and a 55% win rate, making them the most dominant decks of all time.
Raza Priest was gross after Druid got nerfed. if you drew Raza and Anduin - you won the game.
And Cubelock is an auto-concede for most decks. and again - you draw Guldan you just win.

they belong on the list, for sure.
I'll list my top three. I never actually experience Undertaker, I played the game back than but not alot and didnt really follow meta that much just played for fun. So if I had any clue on how it was I might have it but I don't.

1. Jade Druid
2. Midrange Shaman
3. Midrange Druid

What all of these decks have in common is that in their prime their worst matchup pretty much were their mirror one maybe one more deck sitting at like 48% like Pirate Warrior for Jade etc. There wasnt really a deck to target them with making them extremly potent.

Alot decks have had their counterplay and in many cases pretty big once in Tier 1 & 2.
But you don't even have them listed in the right eras. Jade druid wasn't OP until KFT, pre nerf. And even then, aggro druid was statistically a better deck. Raza priest was never OP like midrange shaman or (I'm told) undertaker hunter. It was just a really good control deck. And if you're going to say it was "OP," that didn't happen until KC meta. In KC, the most OP class was paladin, with all it's aggro iterations, by a country mile. Cubelock was merely the best control deck following the Raza nerf.

2/10. Good attempt, poor execution and misrepresentation.
04/20/2018 02:40 PMPosted by Mefisto

2/10. Good attempt, poor execution and misrepresentation.

lol Okay Mr Professor Know It All.

Next time I'll take better notes for the Final.
Pre alpha decks shouldn't count. Some of those were INSANE. like alexstraza charge warrior.

Miracle rogue with 4 mana leeroy was my most hated match up before nax came out. Undertaker hunter 2nd for me. Then maybe Secret paladin and pre WSC nerf Patron warrior .

But even those decks feels tame to what we have today with all the retarded unbalanced crap they've released this year. What the hell happened to the card balance in this game.
Jade druid was not OP during un'goro, in fact un'goro had no OP decks, it had one of the most balanced meta

Cubelock also not OP, when aggro paladin is as strong as, or even stronger

Honorable mention: vanilla miracle rogue with 4 mana leeroy
08/23/2017 02:51 PMPosted by Orzel
Pre Nerf Huntertaker
Pre Nerf Miracle Rogue
Pre Nerf Patron Warrior
Pre Nerf Beta Freeze Mage
Pre Nerf Aggro Shaman
Pre Nerf Murlock

Secret pally had nothing on these.

I would take literally any of those over another secret paladin meta.

Jade druid and secret paladin are the only metas that ever resulted in me taking a break for several months. Mostly due to how unfun the game was and not so much the power lvl of those decks.

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