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Stop playing fun decks, only cause it's the beginning of a new season. It will manipulate the druid statistics and blizzard will think the druid playrate is shrinking and no immediate nerf is needed.
So please no fun decks, stick to your druid decks as usual.

But I never play the Meta. So I don't play Druid, Big Priest or Paladin.

Much cooler to be a Discolock at Rank 5 than a Jade Druid at Rank Legend.

Also, don't tell me what to do!

PS: How do you expect people to find counters to Druid if they don't play other classes?
I've seen more druids today than during the last few weeks (my reward for only going to rank 13 in August). They've been odd ones, tho. C'thun and some sort of tempo based thing.

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