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Hey i have linked my amazon & twitch prime accounts but have not received the card backs as yet?
Hello Battletoad!

Beyond just having your Twitch Prime account linked to your Blizzard account, you'll need to activate the reward through the Twitch website:

Twitch homepage

1. Click the crown icon in the top right to expand your Prime Loot menu.
2. Click "Learn More" under the Oktoberbrawl post.
3. On the following page, look along the bottom right for the activation button.
4. Click that, then re-launch Hearthstone, and you should get a pop-up confirming the addition of the two new card backs!

Best of luck in your adventures :)
I have done this process and received an email saying my twitch and amazon accounts are linked.

When i do this process it says start you free trial under the brawl and continue login down the bottom right. and when i click on it it says.

Oh no! We can not activate Twitch Prime in your account.
Please try again in a moment.

I am on NA server. I read something about it only being available in certain regions. what are the grounds hat exclude this?

I am also having this problem.

I have linked all my accounts and I have not gotten the cardbacks.

Is there a way to have an HS admin enable them? My twitch prime acct is the same email linked to this one.
I actually redeemed my Loot from twitch to get the card backs but it gave them to my buddy on his account?.. I don't know how and why this happened if any body can help these do. I've tried everything I can think of.
i was logged into all my stuff too, and I was using my friends laptop though so idk.
everytime I go to link it says I need to fork the 10.99 upfront? even though I have not started my free trial

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