Twitch prime linked but no cardbacks received.

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Is anyone else having an issue with not getting the card backs for the current "event". I have my twitch prime account linked but I'm not seeing the card backs.
Hello JayKowski!

It's not just enough to have the accounts linked, you do actually have to do a few steps on the Twitch page to redeem the card backs.

Twitch homepage

1. Click the crown icon in the top right to expand your Prime Loot menu.
2. Click "Learn More" under the Oktoberbrawl post.
3. On the following page, look along the bottom right for the activation button.
4. Click that, then re-launch Hearthstone, and you should get a pop-up confirming the addition of the two new card backs!

Best of luck in your adventures :)
Awesome. Thank you. I figured I was missing something simple.
Hi I do have a similar issue ,which is that I linked my accounts together, however in the web there was a different account logged in so it displayed a message after I claimed the reward that the card back are going to be send to the account logged in the web not mine one.

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