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Son wanted me to play Hearth stone with him. Sent me the link so he would get credit for it on his game but it would not let me sign up. Had to create account through app. Any way to get him his credit?

I'd recommend to try the steps again with your newly created account:

Your son should do the following: Log in to Hearthstone and click the Recruit A Friend button at the bottom of your Friends List.
Copy your unique Recruit A Friend link and share it with your friends.
Once they follow your link and log in to, your accounts will link together.

Alternatively, you can visit to create a link to which your son can share with you again.

Note the call outs at the bottom of the page:
- You must have a Blizzard account to recruit players.

- Only Hearthstone accounts with a cumulative Hero Level of less than 20 will be eligible to generate rewards.

- Recruiter rewards are only awarded in the game region where the initial recruitment took place. For example, if a player in the Americas region sends a recruitment link to players in the Europe region, the recruiter will not receive rewards unless their recruits also play in the Americas region.

Thank you!

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