Finally! My first 12 wins

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Feels like it’s taken an age - and if you have a look on my posts here, you’ll see I’m normally getting stomped in arena.

Couple of things I noticed;
I only saw one DK at 11 wins
The only legendary I really saw was the linch king and he was in 4 decks in a row.
I played the same person twice (11 and 12)

Only saw one flappy bird

So happy although I got loads of gold and a golden rare, it felt a bit underwhelming
grats. it's supposed to be a memorable experience but it's not, really. even if it had fireworks and some ending cutscenes, it still wouldn't be. Same with legend or arena leaderboard. You just go for the next one and the next one after that, and have fun along the way. You can quit whenever, and pick it back up whenever. That's the kind of game this is.
10/22/2017 02:18 AMPosted by August Dean Ayala

Thank you!

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