Tyrande, oh where oh where

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I have every Priest legendary and I don't even like playing Priest because I'm so bored of Anduin "Nottttttt quite as planned" Wrynn.

Please just let us get Tyrande again.
Just let us get Tyrande first time in our location.

There is no "again", because Tyrande have never been available in my country. So in these ignorable regions (as HS Team still treat them in this issue) only cheaters have been awarded to obtain Tyrande. Awarded, because there was not even a threat of ban, like in the case of Nemsy spoofing.
I wonder when are we going to hear from Jesse again.
tyrande!!!! put it in the store
the administrators do something the hearthstone community wants to tyrande and you let it pass by, at least put in the store....
I hope that we'll get updated on this topic when the Boomsday Project hype goes down a bit.
ib4 "We heard you and we listened, Tyrande is coming back for a limited time, only $30!" -Blizzard.

$30 seems a little low though, I'm sure they'll find some way to wring out every ounce of value they can, while projecting the impression that they're super attentive and doing us a HUGE favor by being a business we have the privilege of giving our money to.

***I'm being negative, I'm sorry. This whole situation is just so frustrating for me as a fan of the games Blizzard makes, and as someone who tries to be supportive of Blizzard as a company.
08/08/2018 01:32 AMPosted by HAAAAX
I hope that we'll get updated on this topic when the Boomsday Project hype goes down a bit.

One can hope, but as I was saying earlier but a bit less specifically: they are currently on a three release per year schedule. Essentially, there's always going to be "something" going on. Just like the "something" they claim prevents them from talking about why they aren't able to talk about why they haven't followed through on their promise.

Layers of secrecy and obfuscation at this point that have been going on for nearly two years now. Claims that "answers" have been given, which aren't really answers beyond what amounts to (bolded so it can't be missed as a paraphrase):

"We're bringing back Tyrande, for reals this time. No definite timetable (and it's debatable we even gave a timetable previously), we'll have an update when we decide to let you know more. We can't say why it's taken so long, or why we can't say why we can't say more...but there's good reasons (really, really, really good ones for why we're keeping everyone in the dark on this! [word in lieu of promise goes here!]). We can't (or won't) talk about them."

So, currently, any time between now and the heat death of the universe is the when Tyrande will come back, and/or when we'll get an update.
still waiting for that skin.my only missing one.
Another question we have to ask at this point is if they even learned anything from the Tyrande debacle.

First Nemsy with firesides, and now mecha jarraxus priced out of reach for most countries once you factor in the increased currency adjustment issues, vat, etc that actiblizz does not account for like companies like steam do...well, they do but they go the opposite way and actually INCREASE their prices to pass them on to the customers.

Sure there have been others, such as Maeiv and druid-who-came-into-existence-recently that have been more accessible...but around half their hero skin promotions still do not factor in people outside first world areas (or those not living in major metropolitan ones). Which seems really odd for a game, team, and company that claims to be all about the "worldwide" and "inclusive" side of things.

So much for that "major growth" moment...
Any news? When she will return ? Jesse?Blizzard?Anyone ?
Blizzard ,are you hear us ?Return Tyrande please, we have been waiting for 2 years
Blizzard please , I am new on the game , i want to get tyrande .
This thread must serve as a thorn in Team 5's side, to be eternally positioned on the front page of their most official forum, as a monument to the thousands upon thousands of supportive fans they have left out to dry. I do not think any fans deserve to be treated in this way.
Props to Jesse for being the only blue maintaining this post for like a year or more. <3
08/10/2018 04:37 PMPosted by Xiberion
Props to Jesse for being the only blue maintaining this post for like a year or more. <3

The "maintaining" has been sorely lacking for the last few pages, with the vote trolls not being dealt with and the attack post being left up for nearly a month.

Hard to believe the moderators are also on vacation...

The bigger props go out to the community, for not letting this issue go away for nearly two years now. Speaking up for players in all regions, so that one day, sometime in the (hopefully) not too distant future ALL Hearthstone players will have access to Tyrande.

No gates, no gimmicks, no discrimination.

Tyrande for all.
So many downvotes today for this thread. I can’t understand why people are so upset by that topic. We just want to receive the right to get the Tyrande for the first (!) time.

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