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I realise. I just meant its not hard for them to come up with a method of delivery where that excuse of theirs is invalid and therefore should just get it done.
05/28/2018 07:54 PMPosted by GrimBerry
Let it be known, that I, as a player who owns Khadgar and Tyrande and Maiev, would actually be HAPPY, yes HAPPY, if new players were able to get those heroes. Them missing out and not having them does NOTHING to better my experience. I gain NOTHING from this exclusivity nonsense. I am not so petty and pathetic that I can only derive worth from being a haves in a world of haves and have nots.

Just stop this.

The Twitch prime rewards are dead anyways, so it’s not like you’re benefiting from robbing the players of their characters. As for khadgar, if you ACTUALLY care about WWF, you should be keeping his charity purchase up year round. It’s good publicity for you, and more importantly, it keeps revenue and publicity flowing for WWF.
I guarantee you that it hurts players missing out FAR more than it hurts players that have everything to suddenly not be the most special snowflake in the room anymore.

And again. But now Mecha Jaraxxus is in the mix. I mean sure I have him, but what about the people who didn’t have $80 dollars to drop on a micro transaction?

Video games used to be a place where people could come to so as to escape the rat race. What happened here? I’d be fine if every year to align with a Warcraft holiday we reopened many of the old promo heroes and seasonal card backs for purchase.

Again, these kiddies being skunked out of these customization options is not improving my game experience. I as a paying customer receive no increased satisfaction from my fellow fans being hosed.
its weird bli$$$$$ard will not sell her to us when we beg to give them our money.
While I dont disagree with you @GrimBerry, Tyrande is a bit of a different issue than Khadgar or Mecha Jaraxxus.

Khadgar and Jaraxxus were available to anyone who wanted them, even if they were behind a paywall etc.
Tyrande was very poorly implemented promotion that excluded a large proportion of the HS community entirely.
Realising this Blizz had stated she would be made available at a later time so the people excluded would have an opportunity to acquire her. This was first stated during the time of the promotion.

Its been over 2 years now i believe, and not only has nothing happened but despite numerous requests and a rather long thread on the issue, no blizzard rep has even been able to let the community know where we stand on this currently.
The shear length of time of inaction and lack of communication on this issue is alarming. Especially with the ease of which it could be resolved.

Might just be me but it seems the general activity of official reps throughout the forums seems to have diminished a great deal of late. which is troubling.
Priest is by far my favorite class and when Tyrande was launched, twitch prime wasnt available in my region and it really upsets me. Blizzard please, just put her in a bundle and we will happily buy her and give you money.
I've just read this whole topic and I'm glad people are still posting here! I personally didn't play at the time Tyrande was available (started when Kobolds came out), nor did my country support Twitch Prime, so I probably would have needed to obtain the skin with a VPN (if that was even possible). Priest is my favorite class and I would really love to have an alternate hero, plus, unlike Jaraxxus and Khadgar, the issue with Tyrande's promotion was not with money but with region locks, so I think it would really be fair to make her available again. I REALLY don't feel like paying for skins, and the only thing I ever bought in Hearthstone is LoE, but I would still GLADLY pay for Tyrande, as would many people here. Not sure what Blizzard is gaining by not listening to fans, as it's a win-win situation.
07/18/2018 03:39 PMPosted by Jesse Hill
07/18/2018 03:19 PMPosted by HAAAAX
Doesn't have to be the exact date but just one sentence IF this skins returns or not.

This has been answered multiple times. Yes. She is returning.

Is there a same kind of answer to the question "If I will ever be able to play in Americas with my Europe collection by any means (universal collection, one-time transfer, "guest play")?"
Have you seen the news?
The new hero portrait?
I'll go cry now if I may.
Hey Jesse,

Now that the inexplicable new Paladin Hero has been announced, can we get some fresh information on Tyrande?

So...sir annoy o tron?


Pallys now have three alternate heroes!

And now the in game tournament basically has the same return date promise as Tyrande.

Some undefined point before the heat death of the universe.
Thanks for the skin nobody asked for lul
Man, it was disapointing to know Tournament Mode was cancelled. It was even worse to see the news about the paladin skin nobody asked for.

Tyrande? Where are you?

After all these years playing Hearthstone, getting Legend rank few times, farming all golden heroes and spending loads of money, I finally lost my faith in the game.

Going casual free to play now ahead until they bring more interesting stuff to the table. Too easy to promise stuff when there is no commitment to actually deliver any of them.

You know what doesn't feel 'tacked on'? MONEY
That is right Blizzard...I am 'annoyed'. Are you ever going to allow us to get Tyrande again?

I'll say this, I refused to buy your 80 pack bundle for mecha-jaraxxus and got the 50 pack bundle instead, even though I could have used the packs and could afford it no problem. Why? becasue I am 'annoyed'.

I will not be buying any other bundled skins, including annoyowhatsit until you allow me to buy the skins I actually want - namely Tyrande and Khadgar. Make it happen, please.
This is my first post.
Having been a fan for a long time, and having played for a substantial amount of time, reaching legend rank several times (not bragging, just explains the time I have invested, and how keen i am to see the game prosper) and having attended your HGG tournaments a few times, it is with deep regret I feel this needs to be said.

I have watched this particular thread for a surmountable amount of time. Because of the lack of interest from Blizzard on a whole, i felt it was time to comment. Fair enough, if it was a small amount of the community that wanted the opportunity to get her back, however it isn't just me and a few others, it seems a large part of your ever growing community.

I have too have become a free to play player, because of this issue, I used to have a full collection (bar the golden cards of course) however scaled it down and spent my dust on the new expansions, because of this.

It is downright frustrating you would do this to your most loyal fans, it makes no sense for us and no sense for you. It is downright Insulting to bring out new hero after hero without actually giving us an update on the matter - (new content is great, don’t get me wrong, just please sort old issues first)

Saying Tyrande is coming back and expecting the community to go “oh yes thank you, we wait in excitement” is ridiculous as this has been years in the making now and is not considered an update in my opinion!

If you sorted the issue at the point of Tyrande's release you wouldn't have this issue at all. Offering her to every location instead of limiting your fan base, or offering her to players who couldn't get Tyrande in alternative ways. However - the damage is done and its on you to fix it.
Its like offering sweets to only 6 of a class of 15 kids, then dragging your heels and getting frustrated as to when the other 9 kids get annoyed and lose focus in your new content. The other 9 kids will seek sweets elsewhere, naturally. Unless the relationship and trust is built back up, by offering her back.

It almost feels like an empty promise. If Tyrande is actually coming back, we need hard facts, a date, a month, a time frame..
Its simple - Why would we invest in you and your content, when you aren't bothered about us?
I would recommend doing this sooner rather than later, before more of you fan base is lost because of this issue.

For example - If a player skips getting the Mecha-Juraxxus bundle as a result of this. Thought process - "Why do i want Mecha-Juraxxus when they wont even bother to give me the one i actually want?" You then Re offer Tyrande, they are in the same boat as before, lacking a hero to complete their collection, also dis interested and resistant to engage with your game, in case you do this again! Fix the issue by bringing her back and all will be well, I anticipate her release once more, as will many others, thanks you.

PS, your lack of tournament mode will be forgotten about (For now) if you release her shortly.

Simple solutions -
Re offer her via twitch prime again (with content locks)
Offer her free of charge to everyone and reward players who have her already with a substantial bonus.
Offer her in a pack bundle to all regions (Win win)
Offer her as part of a Tyrande themed tavern brawl, Tyrande Vs Tyrande win 5 games to unlock her (Please inform the community well in advance though)
Well said aggro!

Though the original promotion probably had that ratio closer to 3 out of 15 to have it be a more accurate idea of how many in the worldwide playerbase team 5 willfully chose to discriminate against with that promotion (despite their claims of being an "inclusive" company).

No doubt, the virtue signaling will continue on their social media accounts (individually, and as a company), while this glaring contradiction between their words and their actions continues to go uncorrected...

But hey, you pay for cheers on twitch for content! Interesting how the paywalls are increasing for all the content...

/picard Godzilla double panda facepalm
My biggest concern with waiting on the Tyrande re-release is the time factor. She wasn't available in my part of the world on both occasions she was put out. Two years later, I still haven't had a chance to get her. I won't play Hearthstone forever and I already play it much less often these days. Even if Blizz does put her out next year, I might not be playing anymore and won't get to enjoy her.

It's great that you've promised her to us, but the when is also important otherwise it won't be relevant anymore for those of us who naturally get bored of the same thing and move on from a game after a time.
well said Aggro. We all feel like you.

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