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11/02/2018 05:50 PMPosted by Samuel
C’mon guys, another hero release and no Tyrande. You’re mugging us off now, I certainly won’t be pre ordering! I’ve just dusted my old cards, I will continue to until you bring her back. It’s infuriating.

My post was deleted again. What a shame.
11/07/2018 05:47 AMPosted by Sinister
My post was deleted again. What a shame.

Abusing downvotes and the report feature is a violation of coc.

Why aren't the following promises:

03/22/2018 09:18 AMPosted by Jesse Hill
Being rude, trying to build a case around assumed comments and attacking the ideas/comments of others can lead to actions and your post being removed.

Please be respectful in your posts.

Thank you.

06/19/2018 09:51 AMPosted by Jesse Hill
The topic is not going to die and no one is attempting to help it do so (regardless of how many claims some may make).

06/19/2018 03:49 PMPosted by Bobafett345
I'm pretty sure they (and myself) were referring to those who were abusing the downvote feature to attack the thread and its posters, including someone who made their very first forum post on this page.

06/21/2018 12:50 PMPosted by Jesse Hill
I'll keep an eye on posts being removed. Keep in mind that CS does help monitor the forums, so I'm not the only one doing things.

Bobafett345 - I'll keep an eye on the downvoting. If I see a post that appears to be targeted or specific comments getting blasted in a short amount of time, I'll check into it further. I "cleaned up" some of those from the last post there was concern over to make sure it isn't maliciously being grayed out.

being kept?
Why aren't the following promises

Because they don't care. And that situation is going out of control. Or will be very soon. A lot of people aren't happy anymore.

Actually my post was upvoted pretty high, but there was a lot of my personal feelings about how Blizzard became an Activison-Blizzard, about the greed, Bobby Kotick and how they are using a nostalgia for their own benefit. I said that I was blind too for a long time and I'm intending to keep my word. To vote with my wallet. So it was deleted by mods to keep the local folks blind too. There is no more good old Blizzard, remember that.

I love the warcraft universe. And my wound is very deep.
At this point, I suspect that unless the game begins to collapse the people in charge do not really care about there customers.
With the Diablo event, its fairly clear that real communication is something we wont get anytime soon.
Over 600 posts now.
07/22/2018 12:32 AMPosted by Jesse Hill
There is no “effort to downplay/minimize/eliminate” anything. I was looking to provide some context and clarification to what was being misquoted and misunderstood. However, it feels there is just more a desire to argue than discuss points, as the same explanations keep getting repeated.

I apologize if you don’t like the answers that have been provided, but regardless of how they are reworded or inturpeted, this is where we are at.

As stated, Tyrande will be returning. We have no date to currently provide. As information becomes available, we will get it out to the community.

Thank you.

More than 4 months since the latest blue comment. Could you tell something Jesse? Actually there is no communication with the community for months, or this is the new style: ignore community? Or since Ben Brode and the fellow founders have left Hearthstone, you are ordered to silence, is not it?
Maybe as part of the new leadership and according to the new community (non) management directives, which we could see in the Diablo Immortal Youtube trailer: delete problematic comments and dislikes (even if the internet is on fire with the topic) and avoid community arguments. "Bright" future, it this is the truth...
Blizzard, please this is the only skin I don't own, Anduin has no other alternate character, unlike Warlock, Mage, Shaman and Paladin that have 2 or more.

This is ridiculous as it is! You could have considered making a Priest one for 20 bucks like Medivh, Magni etc. long ago!

I want to have full collection as well. Apologies for not having suitable hardware before Un-goro to run the game
This is getting ridiculous.

I am from Czech Republic, so me and my friends were unable to acquire Tyrande through the intented method.

It has been over 2 years now and we havent gotten anything but "SOON" and "She is returning".

I know many people who like Tyrande because of the Warcraft books and would do a lot to get here, they just arent vocal about this. (as you can see, my first post about HS in general) And I think thats the case of many players, they would really want to have her (lets be honest, who wants Anduin if they can have Tyrande...) but they arent vocal about it.

I dont care if its through some WoW/HotS feat i.e. "reach mastery X as Tyrande" or through HS gameplay.

But most importantly I would like to hear more details. When? This year? Next year? In 10 years? Will we be alive when she re-releases?

Your occasional HS player.
I'm happy to see I'm not the only one waiting for Tyrande.
Hope blizz releases this hero worldwide this time.
Been waiting to purchase this hero from its first release.. kinda unfair for the rest of the world..
A notion that many people seem to gloss over:
The next time you're makin' Tyrande available, please don't troll us with region exclusivity, okay?

Just...just let us all have the ability to buy her.
That can't be too hard to do, right? Right?
Maybe put her in the shop as a promotion connected with a charity organization?
They missed an opportunity to include her with the WIII Reforged pre-release. It would have been an instant buy for me, even though I already own WIII.

- 50 CAD in blizzard's pocket. Safe in my bank account instead :)
11/13/2018 01:32 PMPosted by HAAAAX
Maybe put her in the shop as a promotion connected with a charity organization?

An angelic "priest" hero serving as a permanent charity focused entry in the shop.
Whether timed or not, this is like the most perfect concept of execution I can imagine right now.

Someone pin this or something. Blizzard. Blizzard?!
So 4 months later and nothing huh? k.
11/16/2018 02:18 PMPosted by Alidue
So 4 months later and nothing huh? k.

Are you referring to the last blue post, or the Tyrande issue in general?

If it's the former, pretty much spot on; if it's the latter...more like coming up on two years.

I too would like this Skin. I think it's beautiful and as a player who enjoys the Priest class I would much rather have this than pretty boy Anduin. That said...Blizzard has many things it is focused on.

Team 5 is working at least 3 expansions in advance...they have other features they are working on...the "tournament mode" was scrapped because it didn't meet the expectations of what players were dreaming of...they recently implemented a new "new player experience"...and I wouldn't be surprised if they are working on a new way for ladder to work along with making HCT Points less of a grind for pro players.

What this means is that they are doing many things. Yes, it is frustrating that we want this skin and promises made feel like promises broken. However, we do not know if there are issues around the licensing they have for the original artwork. Maybe there was timed exclusivity and or a limit on how it could be used. There could be a whole host of issues that we as CONSUMERS are not aware of on the BUSINESS side of this.

Jessie has stated that he/she will post new information when it is available. And yes, I do trust that they will do exactly that. Continuing to harp on this issue and be angry won't make the issue get resolved any quicker. I keep my fingers crossed that we will see something soon...till then I'm going to keep playing Wild Reno Inspire Priest and other things for FUN...remember, that thing we all came here for in the first place?

Be good to each other, play nice.

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