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I live in south western pa, and today I drove to three different fireside events. the first one turned out to be a highschool. no one knew what I was talking about. the 2nd led me to a shopping plaza with no indication where to go. the store listed was "food and fun" which as you guessed isn't real. now this third fireside is real, found people here! but the person hosting it told me that this doesn't count towards getting the new hero. I am very upset and I think its very understandable to see why.

Blizzard please, if you are going to host events, FIND A WAY TO MAKE SURE THEY ARE REAL!!!!!
Today i went to a fireside gathering at a university. I drove 40 minutes to get there and i couldnt find anyone. I was there for 2 hours waiting and asking other people to see if they knew anything about it. I lost my time :( It had an avatar and everything. They should leave a contact number or at least an email so one can talk to them to make sure everything is ok before driving and losing time
i would only have to make a 6 hours flight to san francisco hehe

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