No daily quest?!

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Hello, I have not received daily assignments for several days. EU server.
No daily quest for me again today.
No daily quest for two days
NA server didn't receive daily quest today (Dec 12). I haven't missed a quest in a year!!! And now this :(
No daily quests for 3 days now. were losing gold guys hurry please fix this
same problem. Haven't seen a regular daily quest since the new expansion, and I definitely had space in my quest log.
EU server, still not getting new daily quests after the last update
same problem here
Same bug here..Third day and no daily!
Yep, got the bug as well. First day without daily. Really sucks something like that happens. Alot of F2P players will lose some packs with that I suppose
moi aussi
Same for me. Day 3 without a daily quest. As a F2P player this feels discriminatory.
I didint recive any mission in 3 days, how can i claim that mission? ill recive 3 missions in one day? I need gold, cause i dont have any and i want to play arenas.
Same here. No Daily Quest this morning.
3-4 days so far without any quests.
That's a lot of missing gold :/
I'm also not getting any quest.
Same here. I completed 3 dungeon run quests to be sure it is not related. Still no new quests. (my NA server at least)
New quests and no gold for two days. Blizz must be rewarding those that pay to play.

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