Hearthstone won't start after Windows 10 Creators Update

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Hello people,

My Hearthstone won't start after Windows 10 Creators Update.

When pressing Play in the Blizzard desktop app it says that the game is running, and the Hearthstone icon pops up down at the lower desktop bar, but the game dosen't start for some reason.

I've read a few other guides to try and fix it but nothing seems to work.

Anyone else having this problem? Any solution?

Hey I have the EXACT same problem and I have tried everything to fix it but nothing worked... i feel so betrayed by blizzard after giving them 50 bucks for this stupid expansion
Don't you think it's Microsoft that should be blamed?

A lot of other steam games stopped working for me as well. I should have learnt by now not to ever update W10 unless it's necessery :(
Hm every other game I have seems to work even the other blizzard games. Only hearthstone is !@#$%ing (as usual).
Having the same issue. Ive read all the "fixes" but they mostly say its a Mcafee problem, and have fixes for that. but i dont use that !@#$ty program, so its something else. All drivers updated. just happend right after the windows 10 creator update finished.
Well, at least I am happy to hear that I am not the only one experiencing problems.
So guys. I found a solution that worked for me. after trying all the diff fixes i just decided to uninstall the windows 10 creator update and go back to prev version. And it fixed all my probs. My PC was back to superspeed and HS and all other games that had the blackscreen bug did no longer have this issue. Il wait until the update has less bugs, before i download it again. all it did was give me useless options/aps that i never use, slow my comp and !@#$ up my games.

If you dont know how to do this. Follow this link: https://betanews.com/2017/10/20/how-to-rollback-and-uninstall-windows-10-fall-creators-update/

after i did this i used the "Scan and repair" option and "reset in game options"

hearthstone/options/game settings/reset in game options

Glad to hear! I was thinking of reverting to the previous version but decided to wait to see if any other solution op up here.

Just a question for you. I updated my GPU driver after installing the W10 update, do you know if I will need to to that again or does the roll-back only change the version of the OS?
I'm having this issue too.
Everybody! Use Navitos solution, revert back to previous version using the guide he provided. It worked for me but I had to re-install drivers for my GPU and configure stuff. But now HS works just like usual.

Be sure to make Windows not auto-update.
+1 here

I'd like to add that I don't have problems with other games (but I have only one installed, Borderlands 2, so maybe it's not the irrefutable proof needed), it's just Hearthstone behaving exactly how OP describes, exactly.

Probably I will end up with the revert, because besides Hearthstone the startup of the system became outrageously slow and the whole system seems to respond very poorly after this update, but I really don't like the idea that things like these don't receive a feedback, good or bad doesn't matter, but at least don't let us wander alone trying to figure out if we'll ever see the lights of the catacombs (nonsense intended).
The games affected apart for HS for me was Alien:Isolation(didn't start at all) and Dark Souls 3( launched but with the only available resolution 800 x something).

Anyways, HS works as fine as its ever has done for me after the revert.
I found a solution that worked for me without reverting to a previous Windows Update.

This is what support told me and this is what worked: "Based on the symptoms and the fact you just updated to the Windows Fall Creators update, there is one major thing I would try that has been helping in some cases! This is to update the Windows Desktop resolution to force it to refresh some back end information the game and Battle.net app reads from.

You can do this by right clicking on the desktop and selecting 'Display Settings' followed by 'Advanced display settings' - Once here you can temporarily change the screen resolution setting to a different one and click 'Apply' - once this is done you should be clear to switch the setting back to the original and apply again, and try to load Hearthstone!"

Well, there was no "Advanced Display Settings" but I could adjust screen resolution in the normal display settings. I just set it to something else, accepted it, then switched back.
Palaven seems to have found the better solution to this! Try it before reverting to the previous version of W10!

Cheers guys! Have a nice evening, thank you all for responding and enjoy the new HS update the coming week!

PS. add me if you like for friendly games: Sebastian#21782
12/01/2017 07:18 AMPosted by Sebastian
Don't you think it's Microsoft that should be blamed?

A lot of other steam games stopped working for me as well. I should have learnt by now not to ever update W10 unless it's necessery :(

doesnt win10 update automatically?

i cant start HS anymore either. it worked fine yesterday, but now it crashes
after i click the big blue play button

Read the previous post please.

My W10 updated automatically, and after my HS didn't work. Either try the solution Palaven posted or just revert back to the old update. Reverting back fixed it for me but i haven't tried Palavens solution, so try that before reverting.
@ Sebastian Sorry for late reply, but yeah, i had to reinstall drivers( that i just updated lol) but atleast everything works again.
And for Palaven solution: it was something i tryed first. it worked SOMEWHAT, yes i could launch HS, but i was stuck with low res and i couldt change it back after hs was launched( this turned my screen black again) And as stated earlyer, the update also slowed my comp to crazy standards. After i uninstalled the update, everything was back to normal. So im waiting to download it again before these issues are ironed out.
Thank you for the info! In that case I am glad I just reverted to the previous version.

But anyone who ends up reading this thread with the same problem should try Palavens solution before going back to the previous update like me and Navito.

Have a nice evening everybody!

Palaven's suggested workaround save my day, or at least my daily quest log!
At first I've just been able to launch Hearthstone in a proper window, still total black EXCEPT a small (very very small) visible line at the center. After this I've been able to modify video options with the nVidia client (something that before I couldn't do because it needed a regular game launch to let me do the change), selected windows and not full screen and then, finally, my sweet rank 19, the race for rank 1...0 can begin again!

Of course everything, included Hearthstone, is still slowed, so I'll keep the chance to do the revert, but at least now I can wait for a few time and see if the problem is solved without doing that.

Thanks to all the Hearthstone fellows that share their suggestions, see you in the tavern!

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