Are there actually bot players?

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Recently, for the last week or so, most of my opponents have these weird names. The letters are always caps, and they always have numbers in it. E.g (Random name)- JDF0268 or QFC1213.

Have you experienced this as well? Me and my friends have experienced this lately and we all find it very strange. Reminds me of some sort of random generated names for bots
Yes there are bots, how good they are and how obvious it is may still be up for debate. Blizzard wants to remove bots because of their own policy but as players, what's the difference between losing to some lowlife with a Pirate Warrior deck and a geek who teaches his computer to play it at a lesser level than any 10 year old? I found what I thought was a bot warlock though it could have just been a guy with no usable cards, which is more likely the AI broke and he still uses it or his deck was absolutely unusable?
I think there are; I've faced a number of players who just play crappy minions and go for face, always with their best minion first. Doomsayer on the board that you could kill? Go for face! Secret on the board? Go for face with your best minion instead of the 1/1 murloc; it gets vaporized. Some of them are programmed to take out enemy minions before they go for face, but then they follow the same pattern- I've had a player use his best minion on a Stoneskin Basilisk with its Divine Shield intact. Why would an actual human do that?

That said, I've been overwhelmed by those crappy minions when I draw poorly; there is no shame like that of losing to a suspected bot!
I believe I’ve faced three bots in a row just now while playing Standard mode, and I’m pretty sure I only beat one of them because they had very weak board control. It’s rather unsettling.
The 3 bolts, I encounter the last 3-4 weeks was
Odd Paladin, face Hunter, pirate warrior.
They All play the same Way, attack pause attack.
01/01/2018 11:20 AMPosted by BigShaq
Recently, for the last week or so, most of my opponents have these weird names. The letters are always caps, and they always have numbers in it. E.g (Random name)- JDF0268 or QFC1213.

Have you experienced this as well? Me and my friends have experienced this lately and we all find it very strange. Reminds me of some sort of random generated names for bots

Yeah. Basically anyone that plays the game is a bot. Robots just run programs. repeat programs. And thats basically all players do putting down their cards. Just repeating a pattern. /run okay plop those cards 1 - 10 just like you did the game before.
I just automatically assume every opponent I face is a bot, yes, even you. And other than making a post here on the forum, there is no other way to prove otherwise. And after I leave this post, because you will not be remembered by me beyond the time it takes me to type this post, you will once again be a bot to me, and again with no way to prove otherwise.

I'm a newbie and I had this same question.
Casual mode is full of AI Bots, but i don't believe they are player generated. I think Blizzard runs them to keep casual players involved in the game because there are not enough people playing. I have watched the AI increase in the last months from being really terrible, to actually being annoying enough to give problems.
Look for the tags to be alpha numerical. Also, look for odd responses to your emotes. End game behavior is also noticeable. The bots keep looking at cards when its your turn and you have fatal on the board. Don't do anything. Just watch. Their cards in hand will move like they are looking through them for their next play when they don't have one.
If casual is loaded with bots, then why do I getting repeat guys so often? Sure bots are there, but it's not Blizzard that put them there at least not yet.
Ask Blizzard. It's their Bots in casual to try to match up and keep it populated. I started noticing more and more a couple of months ago. The AI has also gotten better on them. Gold farming in casual costs them money. I do it. I was farming 100 gold a day. I'm disabled and was playing hours upon hours everyday, till I realized how bad Hearthstone actually sucks.
02/15/2019 01:21 AMPosted by Neuropsych

I'm a newbie and I had this same question.

In Casual, bots can only really thrive in the lowest MMR bracket. There simply aren't good enough auto-pilot decks for them to achieve better results.

If you find yourself constantly getting matched up against what you expect to be bots, you're probably making lots of gameplay mistakes and/or playing really bad decks.

The good news is that you can definitely do something about both of those things and you don't have to spend any money. The less good news is that it will take time and personal effort to get out of that MMR bracket. You will have to play and win enough games for the system decide to increase your MMR so you'll no longer be in that lowest bracket.

You may want to ask in the New Player Tavern portion of the forum about how you can improve your decks with the collection you have. And you could also request that another player watch some of your games to help you avoid making gameplay mistakes in the future.
yes there are bots. i wont name any but i know a bit about them....and they suck at playing. winning is NOT the goal of a bot so it doesnt have to be good.
say i want to farm gold. download a bot, set it all up and let it run with a cheesy, simple deck where the AI doesnt have to think much, just drop stuff. also, id try to make sure the deck is a hated class like hunter because people WILL auto quit games and that is where the bot gets its value. so the auto quits and the rng wins just gather gold for you over the hours. and they can complete quests.
getting a bot to play well means you have to know your deck very well, know how to code your bots instructions (or copy from someone but most people dont share their codes easily) for whatever situations that might come up (for example, combos) and just let it run. did i mention every deck needs its own code? its honestly not that easy, im being vague to discourage anyone reading this from trying one. im not writing an instruction booklet.
so if youre playing vs a bot, you have a good chance of winning. but then, this IS hearthstone....
if youre just a single player its so absolutely not worth doing! but if youre running a thousand of them the gold made per account on average might be low vs what a human can do but if youre running 1000 bots a few of those accounts will have better luck, etc and actually have some good, valuable accumulation.
my advice? if youre playing vs a bot, finish the game because you probably will win. they dont play well and the decks are almost always cheap garbage because you want your bot to fly through games not be stuck in long ones that require lots of coded instructions. youll never see a Lyra priest bot deck. "on to the next one" is always more important than "winning this one" when it comes to bots.
lastly, you CANNOT tell if its a bot!!! if everyone is seeing bots with random alphanumeric names then people will eventually make accounts with those names to just to troll or maybe he/she just wants the opponent to think they are a bot. bots have tons of options. quick/long play time, spam/no spam, autoquit at certain conditions, hover mouse over cards alot/or none at all, prioritize this over that, etc. LOTS of options.
for the record i dont use bots, never have. ive had this account since 2007 and wouldnt jeopardize it for a game i barely enjoy. if caught, you dont just lose your hs acct...
id lose my wow and diablo stuff and ill be darned if im gonna ever let that happen.
How would you recognize a bot other than the name?

My first guess would be a bot would play instantly because it can decide what it wants to do in less than a second (similar to the AI), but the bot creator could put in a random timer for each move for 2~6 seconds or something like that.

The only other semi-obvious way would be bots make sub-optimal trades or plays, just like the AI but so do some players depending on the rank.

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