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For the last couple of weeks / months I ran into the same issue as mentioned in a couple of other threads, that Hearthstone is slow and laggy. I am running it on Mac (2017 iMac), but read the same issues for Windows PCs.

The issues are:
- very slow menus and cycling through the collection
- animation lag when playing cards

What I noticed is, that after a couple of games the issues seem to fewer or gone which indicated to me that it is not related to connection or background software, but more to an internal caching problem.

I tried reinstalling Agent as well as Hearthstone. Even tried it on a fresh installation.

What finally worked for me was the following: after restart of the system I need to do a "scan and repair" of Hearthstone. Even tough it says that no issues can be found, if I start the game now, it's fast and lag free. Until the next restart of the system.

Please Blizzard, look into this. It has to be a caching problem. Manual deletion of the caches did notfix the issue for me, only "scan and repair".
same issue
yes it fixes the problem but it is rinse and repeat
Blizzard please fix this
months later, still the same problem
Blizzard, come one, address this
"Scan & Repair" works like a charm.
03/15/2018 04:15 PMPosted by yes
"Scan & Repair" works like a charm.

yes, but I have to do it after every reboot and every day or so

it proves that there is an underlying issue not related to our internet connection or set up
I am convinced it is a software fault that must be fixed!
This is not a solution. The problem is that Blizzard has not coordinated with Apple to ensure their games work with the latest high sierra update. They have a shared responsibility to ensure their products work together.
Agreed, this is a problem that must be solved.
Yup, i've the exact same issue, and the "Scan & Repair" function fixed my issue...

Btw i'm on Windows 10 x64.
I have the same issue as well. I played HS since the beta. It did not creep up until an update to HS around fall of last year. All of my hardware specs far exceed anything HS would demand. ProcMon does not show anything unusual. It runs fine on my Samsung Galaxy S7......
I have lag anytime something gets graphically challenging and the loading symbol will appear over my mouse and i just got a new $1500 desktop and ive been able to stream BR games on it no problem so yes it is Blizzard not us.
IPAD: same issues. Even basic animation is SLOW. between games animation is slow. The game is getting worse with every update. Frustrating and unplayable.
Blizz dumbheads too busy counting their money instead of doing decent programming.
I have same issues on my MacBook Pro 2017. Never had this kind of problems before, even when I played yesterday. It only started today. It works fine on my iPhone.
I considered purchasing the newest bundle but, thanks to the lag I'm not so sure anymore... :/
The problem is still existing even after a couple of patches. Can ee have an update please.
Just keeping this topic up. Windows 10, 64bit, very decent rig, lag/stutter unless I scan&repair. Seriously: FIX IT.
This has started happening to me also from yesterday, scan and repair works but finds no faults.
Me too. Although only on one of two computers (just proves it's not the connection).
Same thing for me too, came to the forum to see if anyone had this issue and this post describes it perfectly. Unfortunately a Scan & Repair didn't work for m :( Currently re-installing.

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