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Fairly new hearthstone player looking for people to converse with regarding decks/ideas, strategy tips, etc. Most of my bnet friends play WoW, lol. I'm committed to getting better! Currently playing the following decks:

Secret Mage
Jade Druid
Kingsbane Rogue

I enjoy watching people play (especially decks I have) to help get an idea of how to play it, things to look out for, etc.

Feel free to add me! I'll accept any/all requests.

Add me: Blackvoid#1554
Added you, anyone feel free to add me #2658
I play on US server, I play mage only
Just getting back into Hearthstone feel free to add me as well.

yes add me, winanda#2810
Add meh! Plikuscht#1991
Here's mine. #1203
Hope you all don't mind for adding you
#1955 I wouldn't mind as well i play jade druid a bit and want to make a kingsbane rouge
If anyone is playing in EU, I wouldn't mind having more people on my friends list: Aurioch#1256
#2110 EU
I have even a friend quest so if anyone want feel free to add me.....
Any of you can feel free to add me Lyktoic#11440 (NA)

Also another good place to chat HS is the Discord
hi i m playing in the EU server and i ve played hs since about a year.
I m in arena 12 in ranked mode. Feel free to add me.
Hi, i'm playing in EU, looking for friends:
Medusa #22171
I need friends
Looking for friendly people to talk and play with.
EU : dQIAM#2404
Add me
DevlinBowman#1611 :)
Howdy ! Feel free to add me for quests or simply to chat if you're an active player :) Been playing for around 2 years.
Skøll#21963 (EU)
Tought I would add a new player and have some fun with him with silly decks....than I read what he plays....
Holy! People looking for friends and here I thought we were anti-social... no? Just me? Yeah yeah too bad I'm an edgy aggro player. But!!! Nevermind... Don't know why I posted here.
Add me

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