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Hi I would like some friends to play with kahloun#2898
Yo! Been playing since Freeze Mage was a thing. I play daily, both Standard and Wild, unless something comes up. I am just trying to get better and if you are to then hit me up at madbeatz #11739
Add me I’m still learning the game would love some people to play against I’m on us pst so add me

Manicbigdan #1202
Hi! I’ve been playing the game since Un’Goro, more of a casual player though. Mainly looking for some good friends to have fun and eventually complete quests with. Feel free to add me. Europe
Precipve#2523 :)
Hey there! Happy new year everyone!
I am as well looking for some friends. Trying to delve deeper into the game and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.
EU on ipad
Playing for 2 months add me for quest MightyElf#275769
Battletag: Rubinlibelle#2843

Region: EU
Usual Play Times: 2 - 6 AM CEST and 4 - 8 PM CEST
Level of Experience: Intermediate - Advanced (Playing since beta, but still making stupid misplays from time to time.)
Preferred Heroes: [Nemsy, Medivh, Rastakhan.] Generally all, but especially Mage (Random Fun Mage), Rogue (Burgle Rogue), Shaman (Shudderyogg). Followed by Hunter, Paladin, Warlock (with Witch's Cauldron) and Priest (Steal Priest). Lastly Warrior (Dr. Boom, Mad Genius) and Druid (Nothing currently).
I’m Looking For: People that like to play with and against meme decks as mentioned above. (#Clownfiesta)
Tell us something about you: I absolutely despise competition and only play for fun. The Yogg nerf was UNACCEPTABLE. Collection: 100% non-golden. Things that shouldn't be in the game: Alexstrasza's Battlecry, Jades, Pogo-Hoppers.
I also am looking for friends! I'm new to HS but its so much fun, it would be even better with friends to spectate and play with!!! Please feel free to add me. Xray#11727
I play in North America BTW

Grasshopper between US and Euro, Asia I used to play when I wasn't working full time but I found it to be be too much silliness with BM and roping and gave up last year.

I am a maker and player of non-meta decks ALWAYS (although you could dispute this to an extent as my decks could be meta, they just haven't been played by 500,000 people) some of which actually work such as my own Priest deck which will reliably take out (eg) a quest Priest by turn 8. I never post my really successful decks on forums apart from the odd exception but you will obviously get some ideas if you play me.
What is this facebook?
Klenner #11243
I play wild kingsbane Rogue, odd mage, wild secret mage, big spell mage and currently crafting Reno priest, and after that Big priest, really interested to get into the priest class, rogue has been my all time favorite and will always have a special place for me in this game but I really like priest so if anyone plays it in any format and doesn’t mind me spectating or asking for tips Feel free to add me!
new player looking for friend for task. add me
gagamimi #2372
Hi! I'm Gil! I'm a 21 year old guy from Brazil. I would like to have new friends to chat with while playing hearthstone (not necessarily against the person who i'm talking with).
My nick: HeisenbergBR#1736
Searching new friends in Heartstone.
OnuHeino#21333 EU
Add me I play on NA and get Legend pretty much every month and can help you get to higher ranks


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