Best packs you have ever opened

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Decided to make an interesting thread, post pics of best packs or just wite it if you dont have pics

Heres mine:
Best single pack I don't remember, but I did at some point open 2 packs in a row and they contained a mana wyrm each. Realy stepped up my game.
Don't have a pic but it was a legendary, golden epic, golden rare, golden common, common.
Now if only I got a golden version of Hobart instead of the non-golden version, I would be able to trade for a legendary I wanted out of MSG. Though, I did get Wickerflame in the same pack as well, so that made up for it. Yes, this is still the best pack opening for me.
I had a SS but i can't find it. It was some time ago . Golden Legendary(twin emperor veklor), golden epic, epic,rare,common. By far the best one i got.The second best might just be Golden legendary,rare and 3 commons.

Never had 2 legendary let alone one of the be golden, so your pack rocks

btw best pack i watched get opened live From frozenthrone , is rexxar is 1 of 2golden legendaries ive ever gotten (other was ungoro a golden shaman quest) Which both ended up dusted,for edwin and something else i dont renember.
Best pack I’ve ever opened - just now. Double legendary, golden epic, and double rare! On Christmas Day! Merry Christmas to me! Thanks Blizzard!
Golden legendary, golden epic and golden rare on the same pack.
Wayback I got Golden Leeroy, Twig (not golden), two golden rares and golden normal.
Golden Yogg Saron - right at the Old Gods launch.

Stuck him into every deck possible. Had tons of fun moments, then Blizzard nerfed him, so I got a full dust refund.

Most value I've gotten out of a single pack.
3 leg 1 epic 1 rare. Way back when first started.
When Booms Day came Out I got a Golden Wizbang a Golden Mecha Cthun and a Ziliax in 1 pack
Harrison Jones
Golden Unleash the Hounds
Scarlet Crusader
Why you guys gets downvoted?

Seems like some people shaking, and if its shaking its a jelly.

Add the topic. I got golden noz and a normal leeroy with a golden common, epic and a rare. Wasnt that happy because it was the supposed 40th pack for the pity timer.

Apparently, mine isnt the luckiest.
My best was a golden Glass Knight, a Golden Countess Ashmore, a rare, and 2 commons.
My best Packs so far.

Pack #1
Ice Block,golden Auchenai Soulpriest,Lord Jaraxxus,golden Cruel Taskmaster, Prophet Velen.

Pack #2
golden Bolvar Fordragon,Flamecannon, Shrinkmeister,Dr Boom,Goblin Blastmage.

Pack #3
Temple Enforcer,Dust Devil,King Krush, Edwin VanCleef, Lightwell.

Pack #4
Freezing Trap,golden Bloodmage Thalnos,Bane of Doom,Tirion Fordring,Mogu'shan Warden.

Pack #5
Molten Reflection,Vinecleaver,Clutch mother Zavas,golden Obsidian Shard,Tar Lurker.

Pack #6
Potion of Heroism,golden Grumble Worldshaker,Possessed Lackey,golden Oaken Summons, Twilight Acolyte.

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