Would you trade your time playing hearthstone?

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Let’s face it, hearthstone has taken up a lot of our time since release. With that comes good times and bad times, but my question to you is: If you could trade all your hearthstone hours for something else, would you and what would it be?

Mine is:
I know recently I have been investing a lot more time in my small business, which has greatly payed off to the point where it could seriously change our lives, I just wonder if I put those hours into it earlier where things might be now.

Edit: Hold on people, I wasn't aiming this at saying time playing hearthstone is wasted! Yes leisure is valuable, just a light hearted hypothetical question. By the way the small business was just a hobby/leisure initially.

My second answer would be more hangboarding! Long time climber and just realised how amazing hangboard training is at improving strength gains! Or at least maybe hangboarding between turns... (sorry for the ropes trying to finish a set of repeaters!) :)
Half my life is already gone. The time I've spent on Hearthstone is nothing compared to the time I've wasted on awful people and crappy jobs. That said, if my wasted time in anything could've been better spent, then it would've been.

At least, than what I have to tell myself lest I get very, very sad.
Not much there to get back time when I only average about 1-2 hours per day in HS. Sometimes, I take a day off since I got a crap quest to switch out in the next daily reset.
I'd just waste it on something else
Absolutely. Hearthstone has turned into one of the worst card games i ever played. All they do is force archetypes and themes anymore. I don't know if i'm looking at the past in rose tinted glasses, because i actually think that they always had a broken deck or two that ruled the meta and they did nothing about. I wish i could get every dime and every minute back that i invested in this crap game.
I mean, sure, if I could trade the time I spent playing HS 1:1 with time spent doing another activity, I could probably, for instance, play the pipe organ really well, but that doesn't mean that without HS I would have spent that time practicing, working or doing any other kind of productive activity: HS is a game, a leisure activity. We play it for fun and recreation, I peronally doubt I would have spent my free time on a non-leisure activity, I would probably have found some other game.
This is a misleading line of reasoning.

If a fairy came along with a magic wand, and offered to magically erase all my progress in Hearthstone and replace it with time spent working productively on something that directly profits me, or even just with a cash rebate equivalent to what I'd have earned if I'd spent that time working a minimum wage job, I'd take it in a heartbeat.

But that isn't how time works.

If I get in at a full day's work, do a bunch of extra work at home, and then crash out on the sofa for a couple of hours playing Hearthstone and watching TV before bed, there's probably no realistic way I can turn that extra time into productive labour. Yes, by the end of the year I'll have spent more than 500 hours playing Hearthstone, and if I'd spent that time mowing lawns or waiting tables instead I'd be several thousand dollars better off, but I can't magically transform 500 hours in evenings and on buses into time spent working a second job I don't have or running a business I don't own or want.

People seem to subscribe to this toxic notion that leisure time is somehow a bad thing. In fact downtime is a vital part of productivity.
I'm not going to pretend I haven't had fun with this game, but I've definitely wasted a lot of time raging at mindless netdeckers when trying to perfect an experimental deck (or just, you know, use strategies that aren't in the meta in general).

That and, let's face it, I'm sure a EVERYONE people would happily retroactively trade their leisure time if it meant getting the benefits of doing something more productive without the effort.
You mean like spend my time in throne room reading newspapers instead of playing HS?

Well...maybe. Who knows.
if you live with a regret shadow on your back, then you should change the way you think because it's one of the worst things you can do to yourself

live for the moment and never regret your choices, but adapt your present to a better future instead

maybe it's not a regular thing to say in this forum but i really wish it can help
I wish I had spent my time hunting vampires and I was a total badass now!
I wouldn’t take back the time at all- 50% of the time I play the game is either on the phone, on the bus or during slow times at work. Like lunch or between meetings or when I don’t have pressing issues but even then the game doesn’t have my full attention. Multitasking.

As soon as (and if I) hit legend I am probably done. The last six seasons have been rank 4-2. It is starting to get burdensome but I need to dedicate free time to play at my best. I’m not good enough to get legend without setting aside time to really grind starting at rank 5.

Plus one to zero
I wish I had been playing League of Legends instead.

I'm not mad about the time spent, but rather the money spent.
Nope, it helps my sanity =)

Sure, I could maybe have my Amazon company management side business a tad stronger; however, in truth this game (and others) helped me decompress from my daytime job (and side job) so I don't think I'd trade my time in total. There are days I'd love to trade out but not in the grand scheme of things because the replacement would have likely been another game.
Absolutely not. this game saves me from long lines and boring public transit rides.

You cannot substitute the times where you have to wait to get home, with beating some dude in Europe while sipping a hot chocolate.
Could i just trade the time ive spent reading Hailfall posts?
spent over a year waiting for this idiot game to shape up into something worth giving a single !@#$ about, playing it now and then, so yeah, i'd gladly trade in every second i had involved with hearthstone.

Waste it on the many games that are backlogged that I haven't gotten around to. Example - bought dead space series maybe....4 years ago? Have yet to play any of them still.

Currently playing watch dogs 2 (finally) and continuously playing Divinity Sin 2 with a friend for the course of an eternity.

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