Is hearthstone the greatest game OF ALL TIME?

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First years of Ultima Online. Many people played that game for more than 12 hours a day 365 days in year.
Ofc it is. It's easy to play, available on mobile, gives you the feeling of mighty God when you win with your non-interactive decks and thus, boosts your self-esteem. What more do you want?
Yeah Hearthstone's the greatest. I've played a lot of games. Hearthstone is #1.
You misspelled Ultima VII.
Read Dead Redemption 2 is the greatest game of all time.
Age of Empires 3 with specific mods is the best PC game ever.
Vanilla WoW over 10 years later and as a full grown adult I still remember the amazing times and fun I had in that game. That game was unlike any I ever played.
Hearthstone is a steaming pile of mismanagement in the pursuit of money. Not the first time in history.... but they follow a path of ruin.

(neckbeards will downvote this)
Original starcraft. Played so much of that with use map settings maps like evolves and hydra zone control and tower defenses. Revolutionary game for its time.
Not yet, Mario and Pokemon are the most successful in the history with 130mil-150mil units sold.

Hearthstones has only reached the 100mil mark recently, so it still has a couple miles to go.
Idk solitaire is pretty similar. so if hearthstone is the best that must be the second!
Homm3 or Civ3.
Computer/Video game wise: Starcraft/Broodwars without a doubt #1 followed a ton of others....
no, it is dungeon's and dragons
This game does not even have 2v2
Would you kindly.... Bring us the girl and wipe away the dept.
Some of y'all bringing back some memories here.

I can't list the three best games ever made just because every game's got its rough spots, whether that be tiny flaws in otherwise a masterpiece or simply because the passage of time has made it look dated. There are even other games which are clearly not the best of the best, but did just a couple things in an incredible way -- for instance, I wouldn't say Dark Souls is the best game ever created (lagstabbing, trap stats, weird jump system), yet it's probably one of the best third-person RPGs for its simple yet elegant weapons system and solid PvE balance.

So for three games that've stood out recently, and in no particular order:

-Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild: The game could have just gone with the old formula it's done since forever, but instead it took concepts of the open world genre and took them to new heights. It's possibly the only game where weapon durability doesn't feel like a chore since the game drops them like candy, and actually has you do a lot of improvising because of it. The world is widely populated in secrets, puzzles are plentiful and some have clever alternate solutions. It turned the concept of 'optional content' on its head, even making entire zones and parts of the main story optional -- it'd be like playing Skyrim and being able to walk up to Anduin any time you wanted. The game had its flaws, but holy crap, for the first game of the series to become open world, it upturned the idea of what open world should be.

-Undertale: More personal reasons, but I was going through some stuff when this game was released. I'm not sure what drew me to it, but I owe it. It's a game that manages to be both innocent and clever -- Toby Fox, its creator, clearly understood how people worked, and went through great lengths to make sure everything from the smallest joke worked to the final ending(s) worked. Despite having 'meta' themes, it's a game that's very genuine in its delivery, never feeling out of place unless something is supposed to be out of place. Strangely enough, there seems to be no middle ground when it comes to preference; either you fall in love with this game or you brush it off as average. Either way, it's best to go in without expectations.

-Minecraft: Yes, in a world where games like Witcher 3, Mass Effect, Bioshock, and The Last of Us exist, I'm putting friggin' Minecraft here. Look, for a game that was originally conceived by a single person, it has shown vast seas of potential, and still stands as a technical achievement in its genre. Besides the fact that it is one of the most well-supported single-player titles, besides the fact that its multiplayer community continually puts out jaw-dropping projects both in terms of mods and in terms of personal projects (when they're not making 256 block tall phalluses), it was basically the biggest evolution of procedural generation in years. Procedural generation comes with a crapload of problems, one of the largest being that there's often simply nothing to do in them - they are an ocean wide, yet a puddle deep. Minecraft turned that on its head, creating worlds that were not only wide, but also actually had stuff in them. It's a game that plays with a person's thirst for exploration, providing caves, dungeons, temples, fortresses, treasure, and more, all in a single persistent world that is never reset back to zero unless you will it so. It's also the only game in recent memory that successfully conveys that feeling of being completely lost; it's less like taking a wrong turn in a big game world and more like being dropped off in a foreign country where wandering around to try to find your way ends up with you getting even more lost. Frankly, considering the game was built back in 2011, it's kind of surprising we haven't seen a game successfully pull off procedural generation since; some have tried, sure, but only Minecraft seems to be able to actually make it interesting.
Time isn't over. So there is no possible way to claim any game is best "of all time".
I’ll give an even more unpopular opinion over Minecraft .
The last of us copied majority of its gameplay and story elements from Bioshock Infinate, to the point that once you realize. The last of us is nothing more than a generic run to cover repeat Zombie game.

Dad struggling with his past -check and done better in infinite
Young Female sidekick- check and done better in Infinate
Side Story where you play as said strong female character - check and again Infinate did it better.
Big twist at the end where said strong female character becomes the main focus of everything- big check but Infinate did it way way way better.

Elizebeth as an AI compared to Ellie was ground breaking to the point that most games copy Elizebeths design for a companion in games now including the Last of Us

Plus the ending of Infinate was bonkers jaw to the floor kind of stuff where as the Last of Us you could of picked a mile away.

The last of us is incredibly overrated if you compare it to Infinate.
I’m going to hide now
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The Quiet Game.

Dude, I seriously think you are in the 1% of people on here who have any kind of a sense of humor. You r da man!

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