Best place to find a friend for the daily?

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Hi I’ve been just looking for people to play with and talk to feel free to add me.


I have the friend-quest for 80 Gold. Account: DatMarkus#21390. Server: America. Feel free to add me.
Looking for someone wanna trade quests.
Rikkert8 #2511
Looking to add friends to battle with and complete quests.
Looking for Older ( 50 ) plus players to complete quests with. I am Bobulli#1934. Also looking for a dedicated person to swap the challenge a friend quest with.
02/03/2018 06:09 AMPosted by Darmand
Is Community the best place to post a search for someone who has the Duel a Friend Quest? I have one that I'd like to trade off with someone.
Please add me as friend Mikk#21165

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