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Hello! I started playing Hearthstone a year ago and have recently gotten back into the game. I got a bunch of free packs for being away so long, so I built a weenie deck. Other than adding the legendary Sunkeeper Tarim once I have enough essence; I can't think of any changes to make my deck better. So far in ranked I have only had trouble with hunters. Should I change anything about my deck?

2*Lost in the Jungle
2*Righteous Protector
2*Worgen Infiltrator
2*Drygulch Jailor
2*Knife Juggler
2*Benevolent Djinn
1*Divine Favor
2*Stoneskin Basilisk
1*Unidentified Maul
1*Call to Arms
2*Lightfused Stegodon
2*Sen'jin Shieldmasta
2*Truesilver Champion
1*Carniverous Cube
1*Avenging Wrath
1*Crystal Lion
1*Uther of the Ebon Blade

Tell me what you think!
I think your deck is great, but here are some suggestions anyway because I've been playing a lot of 'dude paladin' lately.

Some of the potentially weaker cards in your deck:
Avenging Wrath

Some possible additions:
Rallying Blade
Argent Squire
Steward of Darkshire (Cool Synergy with your deck!)
Blessing of Kings
The main problem I'm seeing is that Uther is both weak for his cost and has negative synergy with Lightfused Stegodon and Crystal Lion. I would replace it with Vinecleaver immediately.

Another problem is that four of your five divine shield minions need their shields more than Bloodknight needs +3/+3. I had games where Protector has tanked a ton of damage and generally been annoying to deal with precisely because of the shield. And Basilisk without the shield would be a lot easier to deal with.

Benevolent Djinn is sort of a noob trap card, healing in this game is less relevant than you might think. Meanwhile, it's a 3 mana 2/4. You're a Paladin, you win by taking the board.

Now, I'm going to try to counter the Rallying Blade and Steward of Darkshire suggestion from someone who knows this game far better than I do. They're rares from a set that's going to be Wild only in less than two months. Spending 400 dust to craft cards that are rotating soon is a really bad investment for a new/returning player with few resources.

The rest of his suggestions are great choices though.
Thanks so much! Yeah I played some more ranked and I started getting rekt once I reached rank 18. I have since added a couple of spellbreakers to my deck because they seemed like good minions. Will try out vinecleaver and argent squire!
Oh also! I got Hogger out of a pack. Is he any good? He seems a little fragile.

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