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5mana 2/2 battlecry: give adjacent minions +2/+2

I’ve been seeing this card become increasingly popular in some aggro decks (secret mage, murlocadin, hunter) why did this card suddenly become so popular since the start of 10.2?
It's a cheap card, that interestingly enough, even as a 5 mana 2/2 buff +2/2 on the board that didn't see a lot of play before, opened up the doors for non pirates aggro decks to come back like zoolock / midrange hunter.

Zoolock doesn't look like much, but it prides itself on making value trades and replenishing and thus has more space for 'situationally good/great cards' in a aggro deck like 8 mana bonemare or even guldan for zoo Or jarraxus in the past. It runs a lot of 1/3 tokens like the void lords, which at 1/3 isn't too shabby but relatively standard for 1 drops. Buff it though, and a 2/4 is around a 3 drop, 3/5 is a senjin shield master, and it also enables you to make really good trades either with damaged minions. (2/1 becomes a 4/3) or you can hit face. I don't see a immediate cause either, maybe pre bonemare nerf, you'd just run that instead and get +3/3 stats and a better body anyone could use with taunt as the cherry on top, now for the same thing, they can have it come out earlier on a 5 mana card, plus, 3/5s would trade well with aggro pallies 3 health tokens too would be my guess. I play dreadlords and Doomguards instead as my 5 drops with bonemares at the end for the variant im running.
It's great in arena. That's about it
shouldve been 3 mana, its a 2/2
02/15/2018 07:41 PMPosted by Yusufarzz
shouldve been 3 mana, its a 2/2

... And usually 6/6 in total stats. Of which up to 4/4 have immediate board impact as they get added to creatures that potentially can still attack in the current turn.
It's just decent, and sees experimentation. It might go out as fast as it came in (at least in Paladin) - was considered a replacement for Level Up, but Blessing of Kings now competes for its slot. Gives instantly usable +4/+4 but with even less requirement, as it needs only one minion. The difference being: do you prefer to have the stats spread or focused? And is the net difference of 1 mana 2/2 minion relevant, or it's just the stat boost that counts?
There's been some experimentation with it lately, but if I'm remembering right most of the time it has failed to impress statistically. In theory it's a great followup to Call to Arms in Paladin, especially since you've got divine shield minions in your deck. The recent dude paladin builds were experimenting with it a bunch because it compares pretty closely to Level Up, trading maximum output for more reliability with the minions in the deck.

No clue why anyone would put it in secret mage, but Hunter has some decent multi-minion cards to combine it with.
Not sure...still seems like a bad card to me.

I tested it briefly when the set came out as a mini bonemare and wasn't impressed.
Its an alternative to bonemare. Bonemare gets nerfed from 7 mana to 8 for a 5/5 with 4/4 charge. So people are trying a 5 mana 2/2 with 4/4 charge to take its place.

Bonemares were already in most agro/tempo decks as both burst damage, taunt, and large threat generator. But once nerfed fungalmancer replaces its offensive capabilities for a cheaper price.

Not surprising to see bonemares cheaper little brother see play when bonemare got a nerf. But its just not as good so it hasn't become ubiquitous. The 2 minion requirement, more succeptable to board clears, lack of taunt. People are trying to fill bonemare, patches, creeper void in their agro decks with lesser options. It probably wont stick.
I've been using this card in my aggro paladin deck ever since the nerfs came down. I took Creepers and Patches out, along with a couple other changes, and Fungalmancer was one of the cards I added in. I always thought it could have a decent effect, and it seemed like the perfect time to try it.

So far, I have been very happy with the change. Since it is easy and cheap to build a board, I have almost always been able to use this card to it's optimal effect (buffing a minion on either side).

But here's the thing: Let's say you have this in your hand on turn 5, 6, or 7, and it's a dead card because your opponent has been able to keep your board clear. So it's a five mana 2/2 which is awful, but if you're playing aggro with no board on the mid turns, then you've probably lost anyway. It's not like having another card other than Fungalmancer would have saved you.

I expect that I will be keeping this card in my aggro decks from now on. When it's good, it's just really good. And when it's not, well, you were probably going to lose no matter what other card you had instead.
Most decks that run it, have a 70%+ winrate when they play it. Even some builds of tempo mage play it. In some situations it may be even better than bonemare (for example, after a saronite chain gang). The only reason it wasn't played before is because decks had to run creepers and bonemares, so they didn't have the slot.
Obviously, play it cute, it's the new cheapo BONEMARE! Same old.;}
why did this card suddenly become so popular since the start of 10.2?

Because the Patches, Bonemare, and Creeper nerfs opened up space in decks that typically rely on getting minions to stick to the board.
this is ACTUALLY A GOOD CARD WOW I DIDN'T see it before

synergy with recruit because it falls out of the 4 mana range and that is HUGE

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