HCT Rules Update for March 2018

With the season roll at the start of March 2018, significant updates were made to Hearthstone’s Ranked Play system that affected its core functionality. Unfortunately, several unexpected issues were introduced with these updates that resulted in us temporarily disabling Ranked Play mode.

While these issues have been resolved, we found that some players who were high in Legend ranking have chosen to stop playing in an attempt to maintain their high ranking. We believe that this runs counter to the spirit of competition that we want for the Hearthstone Championship Tour.

For the March 2018 Ranked Play season, we will be adding a requirement to play a minimum of 30 Ranked Standard games in a region to earn Hearthstone Competitive Points from that ranking. We encourage all Hearthstone Championship Tour hopefuls to resume active participation in Ranked Standard games. Thank you for your continued support of Hearthstone esports.

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