hackers in arena?

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have a look at this, and tell me this guy isn't cheating

i choose druid sometimes, but in my draws i was able to see maybe 1 jade idol and a behemoth, but that's it

this guy, looks like he's using my budget druid, with a flawless opening draw
how is this even possible in arena? come on, this has to be an hacker or something, i can't believe it

look at it, i mean this is beyond being lucky,too good to be true

Your match does not have sufficient proof to claim that your opponent is cheating. Your opponent was able to draw and play jades in succession, which is a very low probability in arena, but he didn't reveal his other cards, which could be anything. I have seen and experienced games with quite a bunch of synergies, so it's not out of the norm.
If you find an exploit or think someone is hacking the game, please send a detailed e-mail to hacks@blizzard.com.

According to the Forums Code of Conduct, under NO circumstances should a hack or exploit be reported on the public forums. Because of the sensitive nature of hacks/exploits, posting on forums only ensures that other people are going to attempt to use them.

Please be mindful of these matters when posting.

Thank you.

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