Name 3 broken cards in Hearhtstone

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What three cards in all of Hearthstone do you think are the most over-the-top broken?
Iceblock, ultimate infestation, void lord
02/19/2018 11:24 AMPosted by DefileSMH
Iceblock, ultimate infestation, void lord

Name a priest card you think is broken.
Mage quest. As for priest they took care of the oppressive combo with shadowreaper anduin and raza. That was broken
YOgg, BoneMAre and MAjordomo.
Le Cube
Even before cubelock "meta", I already see this card as a card that generates insane value, all in one cards alone, silenceable? Yeah, but still, the value it generates is a ton.

4 mana 4/5, Get a random non battlecry ability from your deck.
Consistent, Value, Opie.

Bloodreaver, Guldan
10 mana Summon Demons that cost 20+ mana. Upgrade your hero power to heal 3 deal 3.

Your broken version of UI
Wisp, Murloc Tinyfin, Snowflipper Penguin. Infinite value!
Call to arms, Possessed lackey, Dusk breaker, huh all new cards next set should be interesting...
I will try for each class most OP card:

Rogue: Kingsbane ? Don’t think deck is OP at all.

Mage: Aluneth with DK Jaina second

Hunter: emerald Spellstone

Paladin: Call to Arms

Priest: Duskbreaker

Warrior: Dead Man’s Hand. Can’t really say this with a straight face.

Shaman: Grumble

Warlock: DK guldan easily. Dark pact second. Void lord is fine at 9 mana it is the combo of pact and lackey that make it broken!

Druid: UI
Call to Arms
Ultimate Infestation
02/19/2018 11:37 AMPosted by Grixh
Wisp, Murloc Tinyfin, Snowflipper Penguin. Infinite value!

I know right?
I'm about to make a huge rant thread about these 3, honestly.
Snowflipper Penguin, there is no other candidate.
Entomb, JainaDK, GuldanDK, Barnes
Barnes (pretty self explanatory, king of highroll frustrations)

Call to Arms ( summoning three 2 drops is about 6 mana, this is 4 + deck thinning)

Ultimate Infestation (this card is like 3 others in 1 - sprint, starfire, shieldmaiden, only for 10 mana)

Skull of the Man'ar / Dark Pact (5 mana weapon giving you infinite high cost demons as long as you keep tapping and drawing them, if of course standard sets provide such. dark pact at 1 mana is also insane)

edit: honorable mentions:
1. hunter's spellstone;
2. & 3. mage and rogue weapons;
4. spiteful summoner;
5. & 6. duskbreaker and twilight acolyte;
7. warlock dk (like nzoth but you get a new super strong hero power)

There are other cards like jade idol, psychic scream, wild growth, explosive runes, but then it would be probably a 100 list.
This made my day!

02/19/2018 11:34 AMPosted by Voidray
YOgg, BoneMAre and MAjordomo.
call to arms, Naga seawitch and barnes
1. Defile
Hands down the most powerful card in the game, even with a two mana increase it would still see alot of play.

2. Call To Arms
Extremely potent card that works wonder in Paladin, thins out the deck draw & play three cards doesnt really matter that you lose some Battlecry's its still insane value & tempo pulling three minions stright onto the board from your deck and increasing your chances of getting your more expensive cards going into turn 5+.

3. Jade Idol
Not too bad right now due to the pace of the game but any card that adds infinate value especielly from a 1 mana spell aint a good idea. Having counters to it doesnt change the fact it shouldnt exist in the first place. There are other Infinite value cards that exists aswell that shouldnt.

But these are just the top of a pile of cards that might be overtuned. But in alot of cases the cards themself arent overtuned its more the synergy combined with other cards that make them bad.

Cards like UI and Gul'Dan clearly is OP'd however I think really strong early cards determinates the games more often than those. Alot of the time these cards is the final nail in the coffin in an already losing battle. Sometimes of course they turn games around but that something you play around abit you know your up against a timer when facing control warlock. While an early game insane card is hard to really play around and often determinates games.
Mad Scientist, Muster For Battle, Pre-nerf Warsong Commander

None of the cards in today's meta are oppressive.
Kobold Librarian
Gadgetzan Auctioneer

I don't have a 3rd at the moment but there are some close contenders like Divine Favor and Alexstraza. Neither of those 'break' the game but I feel the game would be better if they were completely reworked (not nerfed but conceptually reworked)

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