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I got a classic pack from the raven new year event, it was a two win for paly or warrior quest with bonus pack. is it supposed be a un'goro frozen throne kobolts or witchwood pack? Any one else has this problem?
I got 1 classic, 1 Witchwood and 1 KotFT for the three I completed today. So yeah I think that the announcement was either wrong about the rewards or it's glitched somehow.
I got 2 classics and one Witchwod.
I would prefer that they were all classic if they let me choose them. :p
Being random and not even being true to the official news that it would be Un'Goro, KFT, K&C and Witchwood is just badly made by them.
They know that players favor certain sets and even though it is not like everyone gets what they want when you see an event that "could" give packs for the set you desire it is a constant disappointment when you don't get it.
So one might get more packs of a set they don't want followed by opening those packs getting cards they don't want.
Great Job.
oh look I got a FREE pack for doing nothing extra than I normally would so I'm going to complain about it........

Its free. suck it up and enjoy the free dust. I for one thank blizzard for the extra cards / dust. After all it isn't as if I have to work any harder to get them.

Had one witchwood (cannot open yet as expac isn't out ofc) and two kobold packs.

Wife got an un'goro and 2 witchwood.

Mate got three un'goro. so it is random what you get. but yet again it is FREE.

Happy new hearthstone year!!!
Sounds like a bug maybe? perhaps it can be sorted out later, but at least ya gots a pack :D

03/28/2018 02:59 AMPosted by Carlieth
oh look I got a FREE pack for doing nothing extra than I normally would so I'm going to complain about it........

He's not complaining, but he's inquiring as to something that doesn't line up. Complaining or aggravated posting would be when something bothers you so much that you respond in a certain offensive ways. ಠ_ಠ


Yes, it should be just the last 3 card sets and the new one for next month.
To celebrate the upcoming Year of the Raven, we’re throwing a New Year of the Raven party! Every time you complete a daily quest*, you’ll also be awarded a card pack! These packs can be from Journey to Un’Goro, Knights of the Frozen Throne, Kobolds & Catacombs, or even The Witchwood! You can tear open The Witchwood card packs once the expansion goes live in April!

do the math
It's not complaining about the packs you get for free. It's great and I appreciate it.
It's a celebration and promotion event and a company should make such an event as pleasant as possible.

Ofc, a free pack is a free pack and dust is dust but with out set amounts of packs of certain expansions you can easily anticipate that there will be players getting lucky by getting more packs of the desired set and players getting unlucky.

Why make a promotion in a way that will result in a large amount of customers being disappointed.
We always compare what we get to what others get or what we might have gotten, that's human nature and should be obvious to those who desiged that event.

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