What Witchwood legendaries are you guys crafting on release?

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The first week of rotation and the introduction of a new expansion is very fun with a lot of experimental decks being played (It feels like what Hearthstone should always be).

I am wondering what you guys are going to craft on release to experiment (if you don't get the legendary from packs).

I will be crafting Baku and build a Odd Paladin deck (I just feel it has potential because that upgraded hero power was great before)

I might be considering Prince Liam, but he is sure to be meme tier so I am not sure.
Shudderwock and Hagatha if I don't pull them. They both look like a ton of fun. I'm also pretty intrigued by Baku, and I just want Toki 'cause.
the memes obv
depends on what i open :D
Toki is probably going to be the first tho
If I don't get hagatha or shudderwock on release, I might craft one but after the meta settles down

no other legendary worthy to me -specially the warlock ones since I don't play the class; most rares and commons (neutral ones specially) seem way more interesting than legendaries on this set
None. Mage ain't getting anything usefull. The old legenderies guy has nothing over sindragosa so...
Im gonna craft the 4 mana 2/2 that plays a secret tho.
I'll craft whatever i don't get of these....(in order of priority) I don't care if they end up being good.

The rest I will wait and see and craft only if in good decks.
Shudderwock because like Yogg it might be to good on release and if so I will use it till nerf then get my dust back anyway.

Also Lord Godfrey
There are playable legends, but I probably won't craft any day 1 opting to use what I pull. On the other hand I will have 2x of each: Hidden Wisdom, Baleful Banker, Bellringer Sentry and Vivid Nightmare. There are a few other fantastic cards, but these are the ones I'm actually playing first.
My list:

  • Genn/Baku
  • Emeriss
  • Arugal
  • Tess
  • And prolly, craft previous legendaries: Keleseth and Lich King
    Dollmaster Dorian. I am big on neutral legendaries. This effect seems like a useful enabler for shenanigans.
    Glinda, Shudderwock, Baku, and Chameleos if I don't pull any of these. They all seem just fun to play
    Shudderwock out of the gate, with Hagatha close behind. Would not mind pulling Arguel or Chameleos because they are flat-out good cards that I could picture playing in the future, and I would not be upset with pulling Genn/Baku for the future either (wouldn't go so far as to craft either one).

    Shout-out to Grumble and Zola, who I will likely craft as well because I never pulled them and they work in Shudderwock builds.
    If I don't draw them:

    Archmage Arugal,
    Dollmaster Dorian,
    and maybe Splintergraft (I'm on the fence about this one).

    And for older legendaries, I'll finally get around to crafting FLJ.
    Baku the Mooneater and Prince Liam
    None, I usually wait a few weeks before the meta settles down. The only exception is if there will be a legendary that is pretty much mandatory in a deck that will do extremely well in the early WW meta and will just get better when the meta settles down.
    I will almost certainly craft Baku day 1, if I don’t get him from packs. Besides that *shrug*
    Am I the only one excited to try the Guntower? I'm crafting that one if I don't pull it. Looking forward to Sudden Genesis and DMH shenanigans :)
    Even internally people have so many different responses to this question. For me personally I think I'm most excited for Baku and Glinda. Baku because the card enables a lot of weird deckbuilding I was excited about in playtesting and Glinda because of she creates a lot of interesting situations you don't normally consider. Kobold Librarian is a powerful card, but do you really want to play 6 of them in a turn?
    Now that I've seen them all:

    Archmage Arugal
    Darius Crawly
    Blackhowl Gunspire
    Crystal Knight

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