Emeriss really powerful

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I don't think going push Hunter to the top of meta but very strong win condition It like to make the lady in white look bad. Most times I drop 14 & 28 ultrasaur or 12 & 28 giant mastodon it GG
I have it, but so far haven’t been inspired by anything. It’s not really the kind of card that sparks the imagination.

Spiteful? Dk Rexx? C’thun? I just don’t see anything really working.
In most other classes it would be really powerful but hunter simply doesn't have the tools to really last long enough to play it and still have cards in hand for it to buff.
Emeriss is utter garbage.

It's a 10 mana do nothing card, so as a hunter you need to reach turn 10, be winning and have minions in hand this could buff.
Barely ever in the history of hearthstone was a card this terrible

EDIT : you can't even cheat that card out of your deck because not only is it a battlecry but it isn't even a god damn beast. I don't know what went through the devs heads to give hunter a card that they can't ever play and since it is a dragon it doesn't even synergise with class cards. Emeriss is like a big !@#$ you to control hunter hopes
It's a strong card,got it in arena from some random effect and it was gg right away.
Nice complement to rexxar. It has a lot of potential.
The only good thing about emeriss, is that it stops every spiteful 10 drop from being a 12/12 lol
Control hunter: Stitched Hunter, Stonehill Defender to keep your hand in good condition. Maybe some those 1/1's that add a beast. Some chargers for proper instand action.

Needs card generation and minions with high HP distribution.
For example, a Stegodon becomes a 4/12 for 4 !!!
This card is only ever good if it is generated by something else. Like the deathrattle dragon egg that you utilized earlier in a game or from a bone dragon. Actually putting this into a deck runs counter to the entire identity of hunter. When you do that you are rolling the dice and need 10 straight turns of perfect top deck basically.
Sadly, I have to agree with all the detractors here... I've been trying to play hunter lately, and opened a golden Emeriss... in my 80 or so starting packs (yay!) But he's trash tier..... he's soooo slow. Even if you could reliably draw him by turn 10, use him on turn 10, and then put out wonderful minions that are super huge for the next few turns - you've already lost by turn 10 to every aggro deck, given more than enough time for cube lock or taunt druid to get their auto-win board fill out there, and just lose anyway.

In a different meta, he could be playable, but with the super-overpowered board fill combos for druid and warlock, who cares if you can put out 1 steroid minion per turn? You'll be dead long before any of them can land a hit on the enemy hero.
His effect is really strong just hunner is bad at using it. Same as anubarak was strong but wrong class to be really good if both were say warrior cards they would bebmore used
Hunters have a bad history with long games

If a game is going to 10 mana and you haven't won, most of the time you have lost the game as Hunter doesn't have the greatest of control options

Wing Blast is a great addition but the longer a game runs against most decks, the lower the Hunter's chances of winning

Emeriss has the bad combination of costing 10 mana, not being a Beast, and not having an instant effect on the board

If it was in any other class than Hunter it could be a great card but Hunters don't have any Dragon synergy and they don't have the best late game
Emeriss had been awesome in any class that is not Hunter. Do not get me wrong i love the card and i really like Hunter after the new WW beasts was released making Rexxar super fun, but anything but spellhunter will just get demolished by everything.

I played a King Krush Emeriss deck (home brew) day of release and it was super good. But now it just get destroyed. I like the concept of Emeriss but i also dont like it. Some minions can just become gigantic. Running in a 64/64 King Krush to the opponents face is just.... what?
I have 3 words for you guys:


it is AMAZING.

put Emeris with King Krash and the other one and you got a great control deck.

Can i please ask you about your secret?how did you manage to survive that much as a hunter so you put mastodon or ultrasaur After emeriss?did your opponent had connection problems?i think hunters after turn 7/8 are pretty much dead unless you play a heavy control deck!not much of a hunter player here so if you could suggest a decklist i d be happy to try it! :)
I just fought someone with Emeriss and the could keep summoning the minion every turn. Seems extremely dodge to me. I understand if people have issue with the Shudderwock , but an unlimited Emeriss is ridiculous.
Sorry without the rant Emeriss car is broken 'cause it doesn't solely do what is labelled on the card.
You can't duplicate Emeriss per se, but cards like Stitched Tracker mean you can have duplicates. Saying that, if your opponent has time to play multiple copies then you deserve to lose.

I'd complain about the necro posting, but it's funny seeing the op being consistently wrong. I like the card, and run it in meme decks, but it's way too slow. One of the worst legendaries in the game.
Emeriss simply hits the board too late: if you're being pushed back, Emeriss only makes things worse by wasting a turn, by the time next turn finally hits (IF you survive) you're facing an even more overwhelming board that double stats isn't going to help you against. And if you're in a good position where you can safely drop Emeriss, you're already winning anyway.
Emeriss does not suck, I play him in my Reno hunter in wild and control decks just cannot deal with him, especially if I get double Emeriss with stitch trackers.
Emeriss is great, I crafted it for my recruit hunter and it carries me in every control matchup. Sorry to see this is a necro'ed thread, though.

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