Ice Block / Evasion

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I love how you remove ice block from mages but give a more beneficial one to rogues.
Good balancing mechanics.
Hit 45 damage at once on Valeera.....RIP.
Hit 45 damage at once on Jaina.....nice try.

They are very different things.
1 damage to Jaina, still got a secret to prevent your death

1 damage to Valeera, might have just wasted 2 mana
10+1 damage to Valeera, still 10 damage but at least they might have thought that was a cheat death for a moment
Plus the whole there being only 3 secrets in rogue makes it pretty easy to figure out which it is and play around it. And all you really ever have to do to properly test rogue secrets is keep your big guys on the book ends while playing cheap weak guys in the middle. That or just instantly pop evasion and just not care.
Evasion is nowhere near the power level of Ice Block. You can't play it on turn two and expect it to give you an extra turn somewhere down the line. This is what made Ice Block good. Play it on turn three, since you probably run a ton of board clear and don't care that you fall behind on tempo, and ten turns later, you play your expensive cards, while you are still hiding behind an Ice Block.

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