Deck Idea - Odd One Hunter

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cards used in this deck:

-Boku the Moon Eater
-The Marsh Queen
-Only 1 Cost cards ;(consider the 3 cost kill command)

features about this deck:

-Turn 5 - Always ready to play the Queen Carnassa from !The Marsh Queen
=note that a turn 5 Queen Carnassa will require you to pass on improved hero Power until turn 4, sadly.
-Weak against CubeHeal (cant believe i happen to face one on my first play Test)
-Fun Draw potential from 15 Raptors.
-gimmick early win potential, especially with a cheese play like coin+Wretched tiller x2 or strong hand like having a perfect kill command lined up
Quest hunter sucks because you don't get enough tempo when you have to pass turn 1 to play the quest. You're never going to fix that issue unfortunately, since it's a function of all quest decks, and it stands in the way of this quest becoming viable since it uses all 1 drops and prevents you from taking early tempo, which is the only thing 1 drops are good for. If they buff hunter quest to 0 mana it would be ok, but I can't see that happening.

Hunter quest is a lot of fun, but unfortunately, if your goal is to climb the ladder, there's no way to make that happen with that archetype.
Odd Hunter completey facepalms to odd paladin. But then again most every drck does. Paladin overlords are here!
With quest hunter you're actually better off running fewer 1 drops and leaning on other triggers. Like ravencaller or tolvir warden.

That way you can slam toxmonger or Shaw.

Dire frenzy.


Things which might bridge the weak start.

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