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04/24/2018 10:58 AMPosted by DaPope
constant terror

Terror is something primal. It is that creeping paralysis when you know it is behind you. You don't know what it is. You don't know what it wants. However, something deep down inside you tells you to be as small as possible. Let it pass you by. All the while adrenaline floods your veins. It can't see you. It can't see you. It will leave you alone. RUN!

Terror is not someone being mean to you on the internet.
stop BMing people m8
I always accept requests, it's toxic more often than not, but I've made great friendsto offset it... I've gotten great conversation.

That being said, insults don't bother me, unless they go too far.

I won with my cthun Rogue, vs spiteful priest. Right before the new set just cameout.

He added me, then promptly messaged me that
"He hopes my family and kids die in a painful, fiery car crash in which i survive, that ismy fault so i have to live with it forever"
Lucky guess about my familial status, but waaaayyyy crossing the line of bad conduct.

After speaking with CS. They agreedthat was too far fora game and asked me to go ahead and submit it anyway.

This is the onlytime I've heard this level of toxicity, since launch, the rest wasn't more than basic whining.

Take it asyou will, but not everyone is toxic
04/24/2018 11:15 AMPosted by Cascade
04/24/2018 10:58 AMPosted by DaPope
and probably voted for Trump.

I'd love to know how he came to that conclusion. Did they add a "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children" emote to the game?

Maybe he was playing Taunt Druid?
Rather than a lame hall-monitor-wanna-be "reported!" feature, I'd prefer a WoW style ignore list, basically a "never have to play this bad mannered fool again" feature.

I'd rather manage my own experience than be forced to cry to mommy.
I'm very surprised no one in this thread has mentioned that Blizzard already has what you want.

It isn't "in game" technically, but's "social" tab shows you recent conversations, including ones from people who unfriended you afterwards (provided you haven't blocked them).

If you open the social menu, on the left side is a list of chats, typically sorted in order of most recent. Open the one corresponding to the flamer (which should be there even after he unfriends), and click the user name at the top - there will be an option to report.
Hey that's no big deal man.

I once got steamrolled and right after the match I received an invitation from my opponent. I thought to myself: hey, how could this be bad? Maybe he wanted to give me some pointers, right? So, I accepted.

He said: You're the shiftiest player I have ever played against. Go end your life right now for the sake of humanity.

And then he unfriended me.

Made me feel all warm and fuzzy. Such a fantastic fellow.
You have limited options for emotes. You can silence them. It's a card game. There is literally no way to express emotion. If you find a way, well you are looking for it. If they try and add you, reject. This function is not at ALL needed. You need to grow up if these few features find a way to get to you.

Edit: Grammar
"Living in terror." Really? Terror over what someone might say to you after a card game should you decide to chat with them? I almost think that war is a necessary evil to keep people living in real life. People are just getting way too soft, and its disgusting. To think that some poor Syrian only wishes all he had to worry about was an 11 year old teasing him after a round of Hearthstone. @#$ing terror...
I wish Blizzard just added a note that said "We don't give a !@#$ about what someone says in chat. It is their responsibility. Accept friend requests at your own risk"

policing chat just takes away resources better spent developing the game.
04/25/2018 04:22 AMPosted by Quux
I wish Blizzard just added a note that said "We don't give a !@#$ about what someone says in chat. It is their responsibility. Accept friend requests at your own risk"

policing chat just takes away resources better spent developing the game.

I agree for the most part they don't really have an interest in heavy policing of chat, and they certainly shouldn't devote tons and tons of resources to it.

On the other hand, there's no real benefit to allowing flagrant abuse (e.g., death threats, "kill urself" type comments, racial slurs, etc.), and it might not be that hard to use the reporting system to sanction repeat offenders.

Blizzard could (and for all I know maybe already does) implement a system where after an individual is reported by, say, 5 different people, the reports get seen by a pair of human eyes. That would likely filter out 99% of frivolous reports, and still let them sanction people who are just being toxic and ruining everyone else's experience.
04/24/2018 01:06 PMPosted by Engenheiro
Yes Please
I'll use all my reports to get cubelock players banned
Someone is sucking on the salt lick..

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