No Free Witchwood Legendary

Technical Support
Same problem any news on this ?
just 3 packs
No legendary card! f it
Yet to get the legendary got the 3 packs tho
Hi All.

I have also not received the 3 packs or the Legendary.

Must we all log log faults?
i completed it all and still didn,t have it

[quote="207606097010"]Hey all,

Make sure that [url=""]these achievements have been complete.[/url] The free legendary will not show till these stating achievements are completed.[/quote
Same here. No free legendary. No 3 packs either.

I prepurchased this time around.. not sure if that affects it..
Greetings all. I'm curius what we must do in order to get the 3 free packs and the legendary ? To buy the expansion ? or when the expansion is our to complete this achives blizzard says?

Thanks in advance if anyone knows what we must do let me know also if you wish ofc. many thanks.
I have also not received either and I'm not sure how to email them about it
Guys ,

for my experience , just record down when these kind of packs opening situation come in. ive leart my lessson.

FOR KNC , i got all lGD , so if i happen to open another lgd it will be duplicate.
But i consecutive duplicate 4 SONYA. wtf rite ?

Can someone tell me this concutive duplicate is normal ?

i live chat BLUE , he told me becuase SONYA LOVES me.

** CLAP **
No free legendary or Witchwood card back.
Allso now didn't get the tavern brawl pack so gg wp.
Did not get free packs or legendary either - is anyone from Blizz reading this, or are we just wasting time?
I'm pretty sure they're ignoring this thread. Linked article for acheievements doesn't even exist anymore...
Still no legendary
Hmm i got the packs but no legend.
Packs, but no Legend :(
came three letters with an announcement of the gift .. and .. not a single gift received! what the hell?
no legendary yet for me
no packs and no legendary here should i expect to ever get them or is it pretty much !@#$ed?
Like someone else here mentioned, I never saw a reveal of the legendary, but it was sitting in my collection when I went to go look. I know I didn’t get it from a pack so it must be the free one they promised.

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