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04/18/2018 05:50 PMPosted by Banzai
What is your take on class diversity?

Honestly, I don't feel I interact with Arena enough to comment. I play maybe 4-5 runs a month. When I do play, I tend to do decent, but I am sure you guys eclipse my play time in Arena and have a much better idea of what is being experienced.

Plus, since I jump in and out so infrequently, anyone who plays on a regular basis is going to have a different perspective than I will.
One idea I had is to lock arena classes, so you can't play the same class consecutively. So I was thinking that would be similar to how hearthstone tournaments are like. I understand you are not responsible for arena changes, so is it possible if you can relay my message and let the ones in charge to consider my suggestion?
04/18/2018 06:01 PMPosted by Banzai
One idea I had is to lock arena classes, so you can't play the same class consecutively. So I was thinking that would be similar to how hearthstone tournaments are like. I understand you are not responsible for arena changes, so is it possible if you can relay my message and let the ones in charge to consider my suggestion?

I will indeed pass it along.
Thank you
So the right thing to do is draft a Paladin deck before patch hits, sit on it for a few days, then come back and crush all the post-patch decks for an easy 12 win run?
Hey Jesse, thanks for communicating this patch note.

This is the Reddit post I made about a day ago before this change happened so it's really good to hear changes will be made:

I really recommend the team to look into the Spell/Weapon bonus as well. With the bucket system, I don't think it makes sense to have Spell/Weapons still have a 400% bonus. This means cards like Vinecleavers and Steed will still appear much more often than other cards in its tier, which makes it kind of moot to have a bucket system to begin with when you're more biased to get certain cards in the bucket.
Several sources are saying there is no offering bonus for witchwood cards is that true?

What is the actual definition of micro adjustments? 5%, 10%, 40%?

With the new drafting system, are the other offering odds rules still in effect? Eg spell/weapon bonus, micro adjustments, common vs rare odds?
it's outrageous that you do a hotfix without actually adressing the pressing concerns. Just another tip regarding how much you do actually care
As and infinate arena player since TGT days i juss wanna thank and give Team 5 some luv for working and implementing these arena changes together with the community.

Not an easy thing to "fully balance" a game mode in HS nor easy to please everyone but i hope and do believe i speak for other arena players when i say, i appriciate the work and communication that Team 5 is putting out atm.

Keep up the good work an gl out there everyone in Arena!
the pressing concern for me is why does this keep happening (Karazhan(firelands PORTAL CAN RIP THANK YOU), Synergy Picks(lack of synergy picks) , Frozen Throne(BONEMARE WAS 7 MANA 70% win rate when played IT"S THE RACE TO BONE EACH OTHER FIRST ONE WINS!) PATCH 10.4(LICH KING META) and NOW Steeds Meta don't you guys test your games before they come out?

there's a MORE CONCERNING and pressing issue who is testing your games before you launch them and DO YOU actually test? because like corridor creeper didn't need a rocket scientist to figure out that was busted....

You don't need a masters degree in Physics to figure out to pick steeds in a draft? do i need a brain for that? Do i need to graduate uni to figure out tarim tirion or lich king discovered from stonehill is the right pick? like does that create a more fun experience so that i feel great about my choices and drafting it mattered?

Like they are band aiding the issue... AFTER it happens but u're a BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY can't u hire 2 guys on $40,000 salary a year and play arena all day and test this out every expansion, during expansion and during each meta? you hire david kim and few others just to balance SC2 Online WHY not hearthstone!?
So, am I right in guessing we will see less Mind Control Techs and Steeds now? Cause at the moment they are running rampant and it's not fun to develop the board when the opponent is very likely to have an MCT to sabotage it and sometimes even more than one. It's okay that it happens every now and then but not in over half of the games. I also get to draft it a lot so I'm also contributing to making others salty. :P I've seen more MCTs in the past week than I have in a year. :P
Appreciate the information and that you guys were aware and working to improve Arena. It really was becoming unbearable with all those Steeds, Blizzards, Volcanoes, Swords and etc.

I understand you guys don't want to say exact numbers because of alghoritms and such, but could look to at least comment on some specific cards.

For example, Mind Control Tech offering rate was extremely high as well and various and various games both players refuse to have more than 3 minions on board almost for the entire game because of MCT.

A few more detailed comments on some of the more problematic cards, even if brief, would be appreciated.
Out of curiosity, do you know how the Witchwood cards were placed into their buckets before the expansion came out? Many cards were placed in buckets that they had no business belong in, and that I couldn't see any argument for putting them in there. Town Crier, for example, is the best non-legendary Warrior card according to HSreplay stats, and is in the worst bucket, when it was almost unanimously considered one of the best arena cards of the set. I would assume the cards were thrown in random buckets with how many incorrect decisions were made, but I'm curious how this came to be.

Also, I'm the guy who made the initial 10.4 and Witchwood spreadsheets so the reddit community could know what happened. Is there any chance Blizzard could put together, even if you didn't want to give out offering rates, an official list of what cards are in which buckets? I still run into a lot of people on Twitch who don't know how the bucket system works, so having an official Blizzard post or web-page with this information listed would help a lot of people out understanding the Arena.

Finally, is there any chance of merging the top buckets, so instead of 7 total that you could have 6? Shaman, assuming Night Prowler and Applebaum leave, and no other class cards get adjusted, would only have 6 cards in the top bucket (Fire Ele, Earth Ele, Flametongue, Bonemare, Primordial Drake, Volcano). Some other classes have similar issues where they have extremely small number of cards in the top bucket, meaning your picks are going to look the same very often. This was a problem in 10.4 Shaman with so many times getting a choice between Hex, Crushing Hands, and Lighting Storm. I felt that there's a lot of cards in the 2nd to top bucket that are as good as the ones in the top bucket, and that the difference between the 1st and 2nd is so small that it'd be better if the buckets were combined.

Also, is the lack of a Witchwood expansion bonus intentional? I know for 10.4 the expansion bonus was temporarily done away with, but I had expected it to come back for Witchwood, and it hasn't by all accounts, including my own tracking.
Off topic, but It would be nice to just have MCT outright removed from arena. You're forced to play around it in nearly every game. After 4 years, I'm so completely sick of it. When you're forced to ignore the possiblity of MCT, sure enough, there it is, instant loss.
Not to sound like a negative person but 80% of my arena games have been paladin and I've done 5 arena runs with at least 3-5 games per run since the patch and yet I haven't been able to play paladin myself.
-fix arena
-break arena pre-expansion
-release expansion with broken arena
-"fix" arena a week later
-broken decks remain in circulation indefinitely, making arena terrible for another 2–3 weeks still
-> terrible arena experience for the first 3 weeks of an expansion, which is when it should be MOST fun to explore/play

Why not just... not keep breaking it by raising deck quality to ridiculous levels and giving massively overpowered cards huge appearance bonuses in the first place? When has that EVER worked out?

I can't imagine two people playing each other in a simulated arena mode wouldn't have noticed this within two hours of test play. I noticed how terrible arena was in my very first run with an insanely good deck, and I'm not a game dev. How can a company as big as Blizzard justify this stuff getting past quality control? You can't spend four person-hours on balance testing before pushing a change through?

And why is there never an explanation coming with hotfixes for how/why things got broken so bad in the first place? Where is the accountability?

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