Hearthstone and accessibility

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Hearthstone isn't that easy to play if you have visual problems. Fonts are not clear; text is hard to read. Red numbers on red drops on damaged characters is hard to make out. This could easily be tweaked.

Also, Hearthstone doesn't work well on greyscale monitors (greyscale is a feature setting in iOS). Try making out the yellow card-plays-with-a feature from the normal playable green-edge highlight. Easy to fix - just draw two yellow rings around the card to distinguish that from the single green ring.

Get some advice from the visually impaired, make some minor tweaks, we'll thank you for it.
I second this. I played hearthstone since launch but i'm playing a lot less to the point of stopping because the cards are so hard to read. A simple pop up to display the complete card text would go a long way in my case. There's already a pop up when hovering over cards to explain mechanics so it shouldn't be hard to implement. I appreciate any attention this gets because I love playing the game but a shame that it's not optimized for the visually impaired.

Please consider all players of the game, Thanks!

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