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Rules are simple:

Create a "Rager" card. Ideally, the card should have 5 attack and 1 health, 1 attack and 5 health, or an effect that sets it to around that amount. It should ideally be 3 mana, but can have more or less if you think it necessary. It may have an effect of your choice; it can affect health/mana, but in the spirit of the card, it shouldn't make the card great.

Remember, this is a Rager - it can have an effect, but it's not going to be making constructed.

Storm Rager:
3 Mana 5/1

Holy Rager:
3 Mana 1/1
This Minion always has 4 more attack than it has health.
Unstable Rager
3 Mana 5/5
Battlecry: Deal 4 damage to this minion
Adaptable Rager | 3 mana | 1/1

Choose one: +4 attack or +4 health

En-rager | 3 mana | 5/1

Enrage: Double this minion’s attack

Smoke Rager | 3 mana | 1/5

Swap stats with another friendly minion
Unstable Rager
3 mana 1/5
at the end of your turn swap stats of this minion
(edit:Someone took idea before me :( 59 seconds late)
Storm Rager(I know its yours but I need to burrow :P)
3 mana 5/1

Earth Rager
3 mana 5/1
4 mana 2/1

Restore 2 mana crystals.
Highly Rated
Forum rager
3m 5/1
Battlecry: add shudderwock to your hand.

Shaman common.
Howling Rager
3mana 1/5
Swap it's attack and hp on enemies' turn

Angry Rager
3mana 5/1
Gains +3dmg while damaged

Homing Rager
3mana 5/1
Death rattle: Return to owner's hand

Baby Rager
0mana 0/1
Gain +5 attack if there is more than 4 copies on board

Rafaam's Rager
3mana 5/1
battle cry: freeze this minion when played
Ethereal Rager

3 mana

1 attack/5 health

Effect: Attack increases and health decreases by 1 point per friendly minion in play

For example having 2 other minions in play would make this 3/3 while having 5 would kill it outright
I tried to make them as bad as possible without beyond too overwhelmingly bad.

Wild Rager
3 mana

Divine Rager
3 mana
Divine Shield

Shifting Rager
3 mana
Alternates between 5/1 and 1/5 each turn while in your hand.

Indefinite Rager
3 mana
Deathrattle: Shuffle this minion back into your deck.

Rager Against The Machine
3 mana
Battlecry: destroy a mech minion.

Endless Rager
3 mana
Battlecry: Transform all minions in your hand, your deck, your opponents hand, and your opponents deck into Magma Ragers.
You Rage, I Rage, Everybody Rage Rager
3 mana 5/1 (LEGENDARY)
Battlecry: Transform all legendaries in your hand, your deck, your opponents hand, and your opponents deck into RANDOM Ragers.
Tunneling Rager
3 mana
Deathrattle: Shuffle a copy of this minion into your opponent's deck

Gilnean Rager
3 mana
Each turn this is in your hand, swap its attack and health

Reversing Rager
3 mana
At the end of your turn, swap this minion's attack and health

Yes Rager
3 mana
Battlecry: Destroy all Rager cards in both hands, decks, and in play
Volatile Rager

Neutral legendary

1 mana

Battlecry: deal 1 damage to all characters

Deathrattle: deal 1 damage to all characters. Return this to your hand. It costs (1) more

Maybe totally busted but eh its unique 8)
04/13/2018 06:45 PMPosted by Reaver
You Rage, I Rage, Everybody Rage Rager
3 mana 5/1 (LEGENDARY)
Battlecry: Transform all legendaries in your hand, your deck, your opponents hand, and your opponents deck into RANDOM Ragers.
Nobody can beat this one by Reaver

Water Rager, 3 mana 5/1 mage common. Freeze any character damaged by this

Election Rager, 3 mana 5/1 neutral epic. Battlecry - Discover 33000 lost emails

Animation Rager, 3 mana neutral legend 1/5. Battlecry - Show the animations of the last 50 shudderwocks played in other games. (Its just animations no actual effects)
light rager
priest card
3 mana
battlecry: restore 4 health to all friendly minions
power rager
3 mana
when this minions receives fatal dmg, it instead transforms into a super power rager

4 mana
deathrattle: summon 5 random ragers from this thread
Murloc Rage Rager

3 mana 5/1: If you have two murlocs in play Reapetedly make the sound Mrglgllglglgggl until your opponent concedes

Mech Rage Rager

3 mana 1/5: If you control a mech: make a constant sound of a fork scraping agianst a metal bowl until your opponent concedes

Totem Rage Rager

3 mana 1/5: Destroy a totem, replace all minions with stupid basic totems

Dragon Rage Rager

3 mana 5/1: if you are holding a dragon the screen is engulfed in a flame animation, blocking all view.

Elemental Rage Rager

3 mana 5/1: if you played an elemental last turn: discover a dank meme, replace all card arts with it.

Demon rage rager

3 mana 1/5: discard a card: randomly shuffle both decks together and give each player a random amount of cards, draw a random amount of card every minion picks a random side, every minion gains a random buff and a random amount attack and health. Replace your hand with random stuff if you or an opponent loses you have a 50% chance of winning and vise versa
Soothing Rager
3 mana 1/5

Prevent all Battlecries
Void Rager
3m 5/2
At the end of your turn, Deal 1 damage to this minion.

Clumsy Rager
3m 1/5
Destroy this minion when it take damage.

The best Rager ever:

Death Rager
3m 5/1
If this minion deal combat damage to the enemy hero, win the game.
Patched Rager
3 Mana 5/1
After you play a Rager, summon this minion from your deck.
Death Knight Rager
Replace your hero, armour gain +5
heropower(1mana): Build A Rager (stitch together 2 Ragers)

1mana Quest: Play 5 Ragers
Reward: 5mana, Rager Lord 8/8, summons a random Rager at the end of every turn
"RAGE, Insect!!!"

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